Kodak Black Clowns Jay-Z’s Flow

kodak black jay z

Kodak Black is catching heat for taking shots at ’90s rap and Jay-Z’s flow.

After posting this image to his Instagram, he captioned the photo with,”Real S***t B Goin On .. None Of Dat Hopscotch S**t.”


Is he right?


  1. Give me 90’s any day. This soft ‘metrosexual / gay’ sh’t is not my cup of tea. Biggie and Tupac are sadly missed.

  2. I know he’s being used but these youngsters need to back off when it comes to putting down older entertainers. If their time comes, they will be older one day too and they will look ignorant making fun of a different era.

  3. Young Thug started this shit. Now all these gay ass new rappers be openly disrespecting the dudes that put it down before them.

  4. First off that nigga looks like a turd. Idk how anyone can take him seriously. Secondly I rather listen to country music than todays rap. I wish it was the 90s again because everything right now really sucks.

  5. He picked these mundane bars from Jay. That’s not an accurate portrayal of Jay’z spit game.

  6. I know they gonna criticize the hook on this song
    Like I give a fuck…I’m just a crook on this song!
    Bed-Stuy Brook-nam took on the world
    Shit, I led a life you can write a book on
    Sex, murder and mayhem, romance for the street
    Man, and I tell ya, it’ll be the best-seller -Jay-Z

    Why couldn’t he compare a the verse instead of the “hook”
    Kids playing in an adult world.. try again before you disrespect your elder

  7. Somebody run tell Kojak, Bumblack or who ever the hell he is…that he is NOT or never ever will he be on Jay’s level!!! Smoking that gank or sipping lean does not give you the authority to disrespect a living legend in the rap game. Take several seats!!! Pumping on social media about how your lyrics are major compared to HOVs is a no no!!! Everybody knows that Jay runs rings around you and your current rap brethren for days… Stop that sh#zz!!!!

  8. I like Kodak black (biggies) verse,but he can’t phuck with the hottest female rapper ever jay-z (ftm)

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