Keyshia Ka’oir: Exposed Con-Woman!!!

Keyshia Ka'Oir Exposed Con-Woman

“Fight for your dreams no matter what. #KAOIRFORCE is our mindset”

HSK Exclusive – Keyshia Ka’oir ain’t lying when she says her mindset is getting it … “no matter what.” Know why? Not only have we learned her luxury lifestyle — including pushing a Rolls Royce — was gained from selling her body in Dubai, she’s a known swindler. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Plies.

We’re told the self-noted “model, actress, stylist, & entrepreneur extraordinaire” conned Plies’ brother, Ronell “Big Gates” Levatte, out of big bucks. That’s when sources say ‘Keyshia Dior’ and Big Gates were swindling partners, before Keyshia pulled one on him — “stealing and embezzling money” from Big Gates, among others. It’s the reason reported to be behind her Ka’oir name.

Here’s the drop:

“Keyshia has three kids, and she’s using cocaine on a daily basis. She’s now f*cking Gucci Mane, so he’ll help her with her rap career.”


  1. it breaks my heart to see sisters tearing down sisters trying to make something out of themselves! it breaks my heart I don't know keisha but i applaud her effort! As a people we have to stop this crab syndrome or we will never get ahead! these comments made me tear up! my people are still about of the crab syndrome! slavery ended year ago but the mentality lives on! please lets support our people and no HATE or them for trying to be more! the same opportunity is out their for you if you were not worried about someone else and do you!!!

    • Lol every fine a Caribbean american hating Con artists get caught all of a sudden we are their bros.The rest of the time they are hating and conning .don’t fall for the okey dokey

  2. its rumored that these girls allow the dubai men to shit on them. The runny kind!! they make 50k or more if they go thru with the act.

  3. If she was born on 85 she graduated high school at age 11. Miami Norland Sr High class of 1996.

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