WTF?! Kevin McCall Threatens to Kill Chris Brown & His Daughter

kevin mccall threatens shoot chris brown royalty

After Kevin McCall got shot in the foot, rumors were floating around that Chris Brown and his goons were behind the attack.

When someone mentioned the rumor, Kevin appeared to not only send a threat to Chris but he also threw his daughter Royalty into this mess!


  1. All this for getting shit in the fucking TOE!! He needs to sit his ass dwn. I’m pretty sure it was a stray bullet from some random shooting in Cali.

  2. This is what happens when pretty boys become thugs. Cocaine Tirades from a Cali gang member.

  3. He too scared to admit that he did a CHEDDAR BOB!!! HE SHOT HIS OWN DUMB ASS FOOT!

  4. I have no idea who this fool is but he just keeps talking and threatening people. Who man’s is this??????

  5. His Tyson Beckford looking ass seems to be going off the deep end…….

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