Former NFL’er Kerry Rhodes Gets Married…to a Woman!

kerry rhodes married

Former NFL player Kerry Rhodes tied the knot with his Nicky Whelan over the weekend in Los Angeles.

The couple got engaged in February 2016 after meeting on the set of a comedy show.

We are beyond tired but very happy … sneaky video by @gerican … #thedayafter ?? @kerryrhodes ❤️

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News of the engagement shocked everyone. The last time Kerry made the news was when his alleged lover, Russell “Hollywood” Simpson, outed him and their secret relationship.

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  1. In today’s times, wouldn’t it just be easier to “come out” at this point? Those pics were too much to play down, like Oscar de la Hoya’s cross-dressing. SMH

    • EXACTLY!!! White girls invented the game on strap-ons and salad tossing. He didn’t do shit with this sham marriage but put on some cellophane. Nucca is see thru.

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  3. He doesn’t even know how to interact romantically with a woman. Its not in him and he should stop fooling himself and this woman and live the way he wants to, be free.

  4. Well don’t be fooled. Everyone who knows the progression of black males to homosexuality KNOW that the white female is the bone fide gateway!!!

  5. Like lets forget the fact he likes boys. But can anyonelse clearly read that he is totally uninterested in her?

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