Kenya Moore’s Ex-Boyfriend Arrested 4 Times in 2016!


On last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, we got a glimpse of just how crazy and deranged Kenya Moore’s ex-boyfriend Matt Jordan really is, and now his criminal history confirms he may have a few screws loose.

His first arrest was in March of this year when he was pulled over for swerving, but he got arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Then he was arrested twice in June, once for speeding and driving on a suspended license, and 2 days later he was arrested on a failure to appear warrant.

And in September of this year, Matt was driving past cops and allegedly shouted homophobic slurs at them. Officers fired a Taser at his back, and he ripped it out and fled into the woods. Cops found his ID in his car and arrested him 4 days later for felony obstruction and misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

Despite all this, Kenya spent Thanksgiving with Matt at Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker’s house.

4 arrests in one year? SMH craziness.


  1. Is Kenya Moore that desperate? She’s a celebrity and has access to more men than regular women. Yes, she is older but still a beautiful women. I hope she’s not settling for any man as long as he’s black. The pickings are not slim if she looks beyond skin color.

    • Everybody doesn’t want to date outside of their race. I’m so f*cking tired of you people always telling women to date outside of their race. Everyone doesn’t want to. WTF! Just because your ass is ok with diluting your DNA doesn’t mean that others want to dilute their blackness.

      • Do you think these black men who are out here f*cking and marrying all colors of the rainbow give a f*ck about diluting the race? Wake the f*ck up! Why are we mansharing when there are plenty of races to choose from?

        • There are good and bad in all races, so do not get life twisted in thinking the grass is always greener.

          And your logic is f*cked, just because they do then we all should do it too? BS….

          Like who you like, but if tb is not interested that is their choice.

        • They do not want to hear this shit. Settling is what some black women do best. Meanwhile, White women always seek to elevate themselves.

          • You are right about no one wanting to hear Bullshit…your opinion does not equal fact.

            Keep thinking them kakkras or anyone else is going to wife you until you are completely broke-down and alone.

    • STFU CAC.

      Fine black women don’t want some fat albino fa***t moron with pubes for hair, that looks like a plucked chicken.

      F**K YOU.

      • Finally….some truth. She treated this negro like she does every other that she was ever with. Like she was better than them. No man wants to be talked to and treated like they are lesser by someone they love.

    • Picking are slim for her cause she suffers from Mariah Carey Syndrome. She been around block so much when she was young with so much crazy and arrogance that no one wants her now that she is older. You can only diss men for so many years before no one wants to come around. Her reputation proceeds her.

      • LOL Mariah didn’t diss too many dudes.

        I mean…Mariah was handing it out like Halloween candy

    • That’s a total waste of ass.

      Like seriously, beyond all the other things wrong with those “relationships,” there’s the fact that it’s a waste. Bill Gates doesn’t know what to do with all that. That’s like giving a $1500 guitar to a child.

  2. He’s nothing but a Buckhead “Boy Toy” and if you try to engage him in a conversation dumb as dirt. But a good storyline for the show

    • I kinda figured he wasn’t the brightest bulb in the box. I think his body and the fact that he was attractive TO HER and without kids now a days is a rarity. Nobody with sht going on for themselves want a niggah with a baby mama and a bunch of kid/s to feed.

  3. She knew his criminal background. She needed new storyline and publicity.

  4. I suspect he was whuppin Kenya’s ass.
    I also suspect she set the whole Matt exchange up in last night’s episode so she could have an intense moment like Phaedra had with Apollo a couple years ago in her garage.

  5. I don’t think he’s even particularly good looking. He’s maybe slightly above average.

    • STFU CAC. Every female you’ve ever met would line up to f**k that dude, including your wife.

  6. It is not Matt Kenya is a crazy deranged bitch and y’all fuqn know it. This bitch is just tryna spin this story so her crazy Dont come out even more wit her crazy DERANGED ASS.

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