Kenya Moore Creating Drama Behind The Scenes of Celebrity Apprentice

Kenya Moore Celebrity Apprentice Diva

From one reality show to the next, Kenya Moore’s reputation isn’t changing! The Real Housewives of Atlanta personality will appear on the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice, and she hasn’t made a good impression thus far.

“Kenya is rude and a holy terror to the crew,” a show insider tells the tabloids. “She demands special treatment and extra days off and refuses to use the show’s stylists. Instead, she brings in a huge entourage, and they’ve completely taken over the set.”

The reality star has managed to befriend one fellow contestant, though. In an odd pairing, she’s become close to Kate Gosselin, but together, the pair is a nightmare. “Given that they’re both overbearing divas, it’s kind of a shock that they’re so close,” the insider adds. “But, they’re tight and refuse to befriend anyone else.”

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  1. I know NeNe can’t be happy about Kenya following in her footsteps and landing this Apprentence gig.

    • More like Moose is trying to play catch up. Kenya has been in the game over 20 years…while Nene was still on the pole or on married Greg. This is like the 1900000 season of that darn show anyway…nobody following nobody on Donald’s Make Me Rich While Making Yourself Look Like a Fool Show…

  2. Nene isnt even a real actress. Kenya has been in the game for a very long time and would have eventually done the apprentice.

  3. Good for Twirl.

    I would bring my own stylist also…After what Miss Lawrence did to Sheree’s hair, I wouldn’t let nobody touch my hair except whomever is keeping her hair long lush and healthy all these years.

    Folks love drama…at least she isn’t trying to beat up a bish…who doesn’t go on the Apprentice show and show their azz? Name one celeb…if you can, they were probably fired early.

    It’s how you play the game.

  4. seems to me that she is fully aware of her gift of acting and uses it to her advantage. actors are masters of showmanship and being elusive with there true intent and emotions. this allows them to maneuver undetected. and all kudos to her for bringing her own style team, cus we all know white powers that be will have us looking “apish” or “primate-ish” on them cameras lol. gotta take matters into your own hands at certain times…

    • It’s called mentally unstable and crazy tendencies. You can put any spin you want to put on it. But I don’t see no nigga trying to wife up that mess. She’s pretty, and talented aaaaand what is the problem. Even hee haw got herself a geriatric nigga. The biggest event in her life ain’t happening not on broadway and not in real life. Where’s the bride all dressed in white coming? Why isn’t she be casted in any wedding? That’s my question if she’s so successful? Successful for losing men? Her track record isn’t too tight! Black girls please do not strive to be like this hot mess because whatever she’s doing isn’t working, but making her be boyfriendless, friendless, motherless, dogless. Makes you go hmmm….

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