Kanye’s Multi-Million Dollar Bank Job Exposed!

Kanye Broke

Curve Ball’in!!!

HSK Exclusive – An insider is putting Kanye on blast for allegedly filing bankruptcy over a loan he took out, on an event that he didn’t pay for!

We’re talking about Kanye’s made-for-E! TV proposal to Kim K, reported to have cost a FORTUNE! From the details we’ve gathered, it’s looking like the lyricist could have used his E! proposal as a curve ball to land a loan!

Though we can’t confirm the amount of Kanye’s reported loan, we can tell you the cost of his staged proposal to Kim is listed at $7,000,000! Our tipster tells us it’s a bill that was picked up by E! and ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ sponsors. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Russell Jay.

Dig the Drop:

“Kanye borrowed that money knowing he had no intention of paying it back. Two days after the staged proposal, he filed for bankruptcy on the loan.

Do you really think Kanye would spend that kind of money on proposing to Kim? He had already proposed to her privately.. when producers found out, E! wanted to own that moment. The network got the $7-million together to make it happen.. to regain viewers and raise ratings.”

Kanye Bank Job


  1. Kanye has really lost himself. I have no idea who he is – except this fake love hate relationship with the Paparazzi. Kanye the Proud Black Man – has excited stage left.

    • he’s fully under the spell of con women honeymoon phase, just like Lamar was until they destroyed him.

  2. Traci is right. I remember when he Was hot& his trax were all bangerz if not certified chart toppers. Donda died & now we have Kimye & NORTH.

    Please exit the limelight so the pathetic image portrayed is not popularized….wait, 2Late!

    • And that’s the reason why black men can’t be men. They can’t cut the umbilical cord and exit stage left on their mamas and transition into a family of their own because we have people comparing the position of the mother and the wife. They are different roles.

  3. I wont be surprised when he’s completely broke and begs Jay Z for help. Kim has no desire to stay with Kanye she’s only using him to stay relevant. Im sure she wouldnt have been able to get that vogue cover had Kanye not beg Anna Wintour. As soon as mommy Kris says kick Kanye to the curb Kim and the baby are out and Kim will be onto her next sponsor.

    • she’s going to SELL him the baby. they dont really want any permanent black members in their family and to be bothered with kanye forever, when he’s broke.

      Every time you see them with a black friend, it only lasts for a season but their trillions of white friends r there to stay.

      • Thats not really accurate. Blac Bhynas and Kim have been besties for a long time and Khloe is best friends with that BG who has a twin. Those friendships are not just for the show. And need I mention the famous “Aunt Jemima crew” that Kim runs with?

  4. I really hope his ass becomes destitute because of the way he acts nowdays, like he is above ALL!!!!Kim is not in love she is loving all the attention and the things he does for her that she and her mom just couldn’t do(vogue cover). when she gets her star on hollywood blvd. he will be a wrap. His money is not like it use to be. He is a damn fool if he thinks the bank is not coming for their money. Kim got a baby, another ring, vogue cover, numerous Free trips back and forth to NY to Paris,beneficary to a 20 million life ins. plan for life, and more time added to her 15 min. Kim wins. KANYE WAKE UP!!!!!

  5. No Kim,or kris we ain’t mad,in fact we are happy as all hell thet your show got cancelled,time to suck some mo, di$k to keep up that 15 minutes,luckily for you these old men busta a nut in five seconds!

  6. Kanye is already acting like a Kardashian. Wouldn’t be surprised if Kris gave him this ‘advice’.

    • How do you file bankruptcy on one loan? I thought a bankruptcy filing requires an accounting of ALL assets against liabilities, not just one. Story sounds bogus.

      • Because the reporter cannot write. It meant to say he is declaring bankruptcy over or because of this loan, not on it. It is just bad writing, that is all

  7. These hollyweird brothas and athletes are human atm machines for whitewomen…As The Swirl Turns!!!

  8. A bunch of know nothing Judy boo hoos. White people engage in this type of fraud all day every day. #FACT

  9. years from now, families will be telling the story of a fool named kayne, and how he took the fall for a skank. it will become the precautionary lesson told to men before they leave home for college, or come of age. later, the story will seem so far fetched and scary as hell that it will be classified as an urban myth. this is the tale mothers will tell to keep their boys out of the clutches of wicked whores. The sad story of kayne will be passed down orally from generation to generation. Oh yeah, and the name Karanything will send chills down the spines of children, just as the name freddy cougar, bloody mary, or Jason.

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