Kanye West Shocked British Television By Saying The N-Word!


Kanye West left Lionel Richie and Taylor Swift, speechless during his performance at the Brit Awards. Know why? Because, Kanye West said the N-word three times as he debuted his latest single All Day.

Here’s what’s reported:

“Kanye West was surrounded by British artists while he performed and the rapper was heard saying the word n*gga at least three times.”


    • Koonye West is straight garbage. He’s only talking about himself. He is a true n*gger in every sense of the word. Sad that garbage like this go around the world and spread their gutter mentality.

  1. these folks are going to get it 1 day. smh

    ot: just read that madonna almost got in a major accident during her stage ritual
    and when u look at the attitude these folks display on their down time, u would see that something aint to clean in the milk

  2. the nigga that brought you “Niggaz In Paris” said nigga 3x’s during performance, wtf is so shocking about that????

  3. i hate that this word has become so mainstream in our culture. its horrible!

    what agenda is he pushing and why??? there is no excuse for these irresponsible so called celebs.

    Jay Z and others who use this word in their rap, etc., are in the same irresponsible boat as this fool.

    Dr. King would be disgusted by all this.

  4. He and Madonna are into some deep stuff. Buy nothing from those people. Both are lost souls, empty vessels for evils spirits to live in.

    • Just go to Worldstarhiphop.com and look at the most recent ritual act Madonna performed
      Compare it to her Superbowl ritual and see what u may come up with @22:08

      • Perhaps the disastrous fall backwards she took at the Brit Awards was her comeuppance for promoting her image as a “rebel” by evoking fake Satanic imagery. She’s no more satanic than Betty White, but she loves that people thinks she is so dark and complicated. She’s lucky that fall didn’t break her neck.

        • Even if you are ‘faking’ you are actually promoting satanism. You should never give that fag ANY glory. So in all actuality you’re representing and worshipping satan. There is no in between.

          • You may be right, but she is definitely faking it. She needs to accept it’s over and sit herself down and act like a near 60 year old woman or she won’t make 60.

        • Gawd I am so glad that somebody else gets it. A LOT of celebrities USE all of the symbolism and imagery to appear very exotic and in their minds more glamorous and interesting. It’s like The Carters and the Illuminati. Those two are no more Illuminati than I am, but they continually stoke the fires to make t appear that they are into all kinds of dark shit.


  5. What is the name of the caretaker of this site?
    I would like to know and also meet her

  6. Anybody who says that this is no big deal, is an ass. Koonye is trying to denigrate Black folk at a global level.

  7. He needs the controversy, to deflect talk from his oversized butt of his wife. Jaws dropped as she wobbled onto the stage to present an award as it appears to have grown….

    I like the tune though.

  8. Like England never heard this word before. They listens to hip hop. Even female wrappers says the word. I don’t let soulless demons surprise nor bother me anymore. I’ve awaken a long time ago. Let them do them because when it’s all said and done, they will be begging for mercy. I justllaugh at them now.

  9. when are you Black People gonna understand Kanye has changed. ever since He started rocking with Jayz
    He’s not the same. if He’s mother was alive She wouldn’t allow Him to date Amber Rose or marry Kim

    Kris Jenner has a hold over Him because He see Her as a mother figure. like Lamar Odom did
    after Lamar cheated on K-hole Kris relased stories about Lamar

    if Kanye didn’t hang around with Jayz or Beyonce He would be back to His old self the freedom fighter
    the “pro black rapper, who doesn’t give a f*ck what white people have to say”

    Kanye is losing fans especially He’s black fans that support Him throughout His career

    • What do yo mean “when are you BP going to realize Kanye has changed?”

      Has that ever even been doubted by anyone here? Do you think the rest of us are slow?

      • @melee

        slow your roll!!! just an figure of speech. get off your cheap wobbly soap box!

        • Maybe you should hop off your even CHEAPER soapbox and stop putting your trust in a bunch of f*cking Youtube videos and get your facts straight! Kanye has always been a jerk,unsigned or not. At least he knows he’s an ass. Some of yall are just as bad, if not worst then these celebrities yall bash everyday!

          • And then when you show to her her very own quote, she talks about what she means. Apparently there is a disconnect between the writing and the thinking.

          • @Anonymous

            your bullying is getting bit tiring, since you don’t want me on here you’ve won!!
            i decided i won’t come on here anymore

            your childish ways has ruined my enjoyment!!

        • Uh oh…I sense another screen name change coming on. Prolly something with fruit in the name.

  10. Can us black folks all agree right now to just ignore Kanye. Don’t support anything this fool promotes. Lets even stop talking about him and let them have him and let him see what they do with him. I’m just so tired of him disrespecting us. This is getting way out of hand. He is helping to set us back.

  11. kanye ain’t black no more. is black card got revoke!!
    he even told the breakfast club him and kim are ghetto, because kim has a ghetto booty? kim’s ass is fake!!!

    sellout black people are dangerous to the black community once you f*ck a white person. you shouldn’t be considered black anymore

  12. He does anything for shock value to keep the attention on him because his records are not selling on a stellar rate. Dude is wacky and too calculating. Kanye be the blame for his own destruction. Kim is just another leech jumping on the bandwagon for her extended moments of fame. When the fan hits the ceiling,it will not be a pretty site. The Kardashians and the rest of his enablers will finish him. He sold his soul out a long ago and way far too go. I wish baby north the best!

  13. Kanye has not changed..he has always been fake..I never liked the sight of him…arrogant and cocky…you can tell by the look on his face he doesn’t even hav2 to open his mouth. When he put out that songs I couldn’t stand…I knew it was all over using the Lord to fool his people …he is a devil

  14. KING. | February 25th, 2015 at 21:35
    the nigga that brought you “Niggaz In Paris” said nigga 3x’s during performance, wtf is so shocking about that????


    My thoughts exactly. How soon people forget. When Kanye AND golden Jay Z sung Jiggas in Paris, THE PRAISES WERE FLYING ALL OVER THE PLACE. NO-ONE even had a problem when Goopy chimed in.

    • That’s what I’m saying.
      Rappers have been promoting the use of that word for years. Young Jeezy and Jay z even dropped the N word while performing in front of President at his damn inaugural ball.
      The mindless drones out there thought that was cool but now they want to act outraged because Kim’s husband said it. GTFOH! We should’ve been outraged a long time ago.

        • Oh I know WE were outraged but there were people who thought it was okay because our president is Black.

    • However he was in Brittain and Piers Morgan (a Britt) and Wendy had dialogue on her show yesterday about how if the black community doesn’t like the word the black community shouldn’t use the word to one another. So they could have just been baffled by him is all. I mean who isn’t baffled by him.

  15. Its a shame…thats why we should collectively as a people hold them accountable and not tolerated. Its needs to stop being used in the streets and especially in the home. This is one of the reasons we can never get respect. No other race degrades themselves like this and they are not going to take it from anyone esle. They will stick together at any cost until the enemy concedes. The indians and the arabs…they will stop buying your products in a heart beat if you insult there race or religion..they dont care how much they like the product..the cause is what matters to them. Just hurts to see what some ignorant black folks are doing to us because we all suffer as a result of it.

  16. the problem with black people is loving celebs , athletes, etc we worship them like gods and they do nothing for society or our youth. we spend money on these people daily on fooliness. these people are paid to dumbfound us. black celebs don’t care about their people all they want is money. especially michael jordan kids getting killed over jordans do you think he cares? no and not only that these black celebs you guys love also invest money putting our youth in the prison system. they are satanic, demonic, and disgusting. people don’t want to believe that but it’s true. you break your neck trying to defend these “superstars” but really they are paid puppets and false idols.

  17. Remember when he hit that dude for calling kk a nigger?
    So I guess it’s okay to call Black people but his white girl is off limits. So sad that clown is lost.

  18. another thing as black people we have been lied to for so long that when we find out things are not what they seem we refuse to believe it. we believe what cnn,fox, c-span, celebs, athletes , tells us because it’s easier to believe a lie. the american society is evil gay marriage, transgenders, having sex with children and animals, etc america is the rome. and you are force to accept it and don’t judge. because you love lies like your pastors td jakes, kirk franklin, etc they lie to you everyday and you accept without thought. but me and other people who trying to give you truth were conspriacy theory nuts or nutters. hey, thats on yall casue one this going to shut down

  19. LOL I think they are laughing at him behind his back while simultaneously whispering oh poor Kanye the man is MAD! Piers Morgan defended him yesterday on Wendy saying he was GENIUS. Yes he is a GENIUS…formerly known as.

    IDK at this point the only thing I do is giggle at him because he really thinks he is aware of his surroundings.

    • Piers is a dumb ass and a puppet, lol. The sad thing is his followers think he knows what he’s talking about.

      • Don’t confuse me with a follower I’m simply stating the message – anyone who calls Kanye a GENIUS is an EPIC MORON!!!!

  20. How can you take a person seriously who tries act all pro-black and marries a white woman? He has a problem with being treated like a nigga but wants ppl to sing along while he calls himself a nigga. Oxymoronic ass

  21. Yeah pro black my foot when he uses the n word and then he okays some french designer to use the n word as the title of a clothing line…all because he wants to make clothes and be accepted by them.

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