Does Dez Bryant Have a Video 5 Times Worse Than Ray Rice

Dez Bryant Assault Video

Allegedly, there is a video of the Dallas Cowboys star player, Dez Bryant, beating a woman. The people who’ve seen it describe it as five times worse than Ray Rice’s despicable behavior.

Terez Owens reported that the footage of Dez Bryant, physically assaulting a woman should be released sometime in the next 24 hours..

An insider is saying that Roc Nation Sports Agency and Jay Z has the NFL football player brainwashed.

Here’s what’s revealed:

“The incriminating video of Dallas Cowboys superstar receiver Dez Bryant doing something supposedly Ray Rice worthy is being released today or tomorrow.

The Cowboys haven’t done a huge deal with Dez because of concern over the video. Unfortunately Bryant’s team won’t be able to stop the tape from getting out to the public. Of course Cowboys COO Stephen Jones denies knowledge of such a video.

This is going to be a game changer for the Cowboys future.”

We’re being told the Cowboys have warned Dez the tape is going to be released, and from someone who has seen it, that it’s five times worse than the Ray Rice Video. His football career is in jeopardy according to our source. Also a Dez insider tells us he is being brainwashed by Jay Z and Roc Nation Sports.”


  1. What’s going on with the reporting on this site. What does brainwashing by Jay Z or Roc sports have to do with an alleged tape of Bryant beating a woman? How, what, why is this brainwashing allegation tie into this story???

    • Man I am so confused with this topic that I need to go get me some KFC Hot Wings and taboo biscuits. How in the he’ll Jay-Z and Nation his Roc Nations has anything to do with the Dallas Cowboys franchise period?! So damn confused!

    • If this is true. The NFL is gonna make the example out of him that they should have done to Ray Rice. The rules have already been set but they’ll make a LOT of noise about enforcing them.

  2. The incident occurred years ago in a Walmart parking lot and was caught on cell phone video by then friends/associates who are now estranged from Bryant.
    Allegedly his former agency has been paying to keep it quiet since it was revealed to them. Now that he is with Roc Nation, the ex-agent is no longer paying. But the question is, why isn’t RN picking up the payments now?
    If it is revealed, his franchise contract dreams will go up in smoke. Men, don’t beat your women. There is no longer any tolerance for that behavior.

  3. I said it before and I say it again. They should have got rod of him when he choked his own mother. Dude has serious issues.

      • Few years ago, this dude was arrested on domestic biogenesis charges, for chocking and hitting his mother. The NFL should have given him a stiff penalty that time but the swept it under the rug.

    • @EddieLongs…Agreed. I told Dez on Facebook when he first started that if he didnt lose this cockiness he had, that God will tale all of this from him. He cussed my black ass out. Now look…I still have copies of that email exchange. If they kill his career, Imma send a copy to him to make his ass remember our conversation.

  4. I know..they mention brainwashing out of the blue and dont explain how. Anyway dont know who he is but if its worse then that Ray Rice..yikes! If he choked his own mother..somebody needs to get this boy an EXORCISM pronto.

    • In his defense, his mother is/was an addict and also connected to some shady people who are About Dat Life. His younger brother, which Dez is very protective over, was around and an argument ensued. Somehow the mom got into the middle of it but Dez restrained her rather than physical assault. She later dropped the charges out of fear of being publicly ostracized as a ratchet if there were an investigation. Since Dez became a father, he has performed a 180, not hanging out with as many knuckleheads and curbing his temper. Roger Goodell can get rid of him if he wants, I know 4 well salaried women, myself included, who will play sister-wives and take turns keeping him. All the money, trips, homecooked meals and sex that his perfect self desires!

      Aside: Reggie Bush got dropped from Detroit. The Kardashians are secretly 0-20.

      • Lmao @play sister wives. You are something else. True his mother is no Suzie homemaker, read that she was arrested in 09 for selling crack…smh. If he is truly rehabilitated I wonder why this is really coming out now.

        • Im semi joking. I have followed Dez since he was with the Chargers. Damn near groupie love. He comes from a struggle has talent so I want him to win. My favorite month is Dezember.

          The Man is always trying to keep a brother down 🙂 Joseph Randle is a nukka they need to ruin. Cant get right. Posing for mugshots, shoplifting, brandishing a gun in front of his childs mom, DV, drug charges…a typical nword at heart.

          If the league can give Adam PacMan Jones a 20th chance then they should leave Dez alone about something that happened years ago.

          • You’ve got your Stevie Wonder glasses on, because you’ve been following the wrong guy. He never played for the Chargers.

        • Has being so called rehabilitated ever stopped anyone else’s past indiscretions and dirt from coming out?

      • I can’t defend a dude choking a woman and damn sure can’t defend a professional football player choking his mother and really can’t see how a woman could even begin to defend it, JMO

  5. I feel no mercy for anybody who chokes out his mother. They need to stop tolerating bad behavior. Enough is enough.

    • Did he attack his own mother? If so he is in trouble with THE MOST HIGH… matter what, people should not attack their parents. THE MOST HIGH made that a commandment. That is a big no, no. Better to walk away, stay away from your parent before you put your hands on them.


        • According to the scripture, THE MOST HIGH demands we honor our parents. No matter what kind of parents we have, it is not our place to judge them. Like i said before, if your mom or dad pushes your buttons get up and leave. Better to do that than to be cursed by THE MOST HIGH. You better recognize that parents are not perfect and they have issues just like we do. When my dad pushed my buttons, i got out of his house and did my own thing. But to put my hands on him or my mom has never entered into my mind.

  6. Damn the nfl has a lot of skeletons coming out of their closet. Whatever happened to the new england patriots scandal about the inflated footballs?

    • it was a NFL manufactured “scandal” and never had any merit to start with. i will venture to say when the report is issued memorial day a fine of $10,000 will be levied for the patriots employee taking the footballs into the mens room while he peed. we got the trophy. another goodell fail.

  7. Not sure if I believe this story and maybe I’m being alittle biased being a Cowboy fan but if such a tape existed I’m sure it’ll be all over ESPN and every other major sports outlet and as of now that’s simply not the case.I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • BA The rumor has been out there for a long time. Adam Schecter of ESPN has been working this story since late Sept. 2014. Right now, it’s a question of WHO the video ends up in the hands of. If Deadspin gets it, then it will be seen everywhere soon. But, if RocnNation is able to get it, and I imagine the price is higher for them since it would save Bryant’s ability to get the franchise player bucks, then we’ll never see it.

  8. I wonder if it has to do with to many blows to the head…at one piont doctors were looking into the reason alot of them suffer from some sort of brain damage…things like suicide…anger issues even dementia seems top become an issue with some of them as early as 50 years of age. It does’nt seem to be rampent in other sports.

  9. Jay z makes me sick, why is he messing with sports now? now he about to bring that garbage over to sports? If dez signed to his company than I could careless what happens to his career, Forget him. Dallas cool with Romo and Witten.

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