Kanye Pens Attack On Fashion Week Creator Fern Mallis

Kanye vs. Fern Mallis

Kanye West penned a letter to Fashion Week Creator, Fern Mallis. Know why? Because, Fern Mallis said in a recent interview that, she’s “not a fan of Kanye’s music, attitude and style”.

Here’s what Fern Mallis said:

“I’m kind of over Kanye…I mean, I’m not a fan of his music, and the attitude and his agenda is not my style.”

Here’s Yeezus letter to Fern Mallis:

To Fern Mallis:

“I just want you to understand that attempting to do clothing has been very difficult and I have encountered countless amounts of bigotry along the way. I have millions of ideas and I represent a new generation just trying to express themselves in a broken world. I don’t call myself a designer as I was not allowed to go to Saint Martins because I was too famous by the time I realized I wanted to design. Fame is often looked down upon in the design world, so it’s actually been something I had to overcome. All we have are our dreams, and you can step on our dreams and ideas all you want, but we won’t stop fighting. We want to innovate and we will win someday. If you wanna have a drink with me, book a table at the spotted pig when I’m back in NY.”


  1. Okay, she didn’t like your designs. So what? Maybe if your d-bag reputation wasn’t on the forefront so much, she might think differently. And I don’t know this woman enough to know if she’s a racist or not. Who cares???

    • I am so sick of this Koon! He is a self hatin nigga who whines when not being taken seriously or given what he wants! You are not entitled! You are not a Kartrashian! I just wish WE would take our revenue out of Koonye’s pocket and shut him down!

      • Who does he think he is? False perception of reality! That’s what Kim and her mother has instilled in Koonyesus!I agree with amber they will ruin him! Just ask Lamar Odom!

      • You have to look at the things that Kanye does and ask yourself why does he get a bad rap for the same shit we would like to do (really speak your own f*cking mind), when we see bullshit everyday.

        I admire him for the way he stands up to you stupid motherf*cker who always want to f*ck with him and his wife, and not expect to get your f*cking ass stumped into the ground. Then you want to sue him.

        If the media f*cked with the average husband and wife in any neighborhood in America, cameras in ya face shit. The husband would f*ck up someone quickly. So when you see a man like Kanye beating the f*ck out of some camera man ( hasn’t happened yet), just think about how you’d react if you were f*cked with everyday.
        To all you Kanye HATERS, go eat a DICK, you redneck, AMERICA HATER, ANTI UNITED STATES, (FREE SPEECH), dick sucking, want a dick in your mouth motherf*ckers (women and men) haters.
        For you hater who speak Korean 당신이 흑인을 싫어 새끼 씨발. 당신은 망할 생활을 할 것인가?

        • @Yuk Lee who in the f*ck is hatin on Koonye? HATIN O MY FUCKIN WORLD! FIRST OF ALL THIS SICK TWISTED LOST MOFO NEEDS TO HAVE MULTIPLE SEATS. What I am is disappointed in this SELL OUT! I see where this is going! TREADING IN thE AREA OF SCHIZO Personality! DELUSIONAL AS FUCK AT BEST! HE MARRIED A TRASHY PORNO HOOKA! WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD HATE ON HIM? HE IS SUCH A JOKE! I can only imagine who made this stupid ass post about Kanye having haters. HE IS A JOKE AND HE IS NOT RESPECTED IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!! He is lost and so confused.

  2. I kind of agree with Kanye. If another faggot would have put this out they would say he is genius and the new urban flavor of the month. They want our style, culture, skin tone, full lips and curvy bodies, but dont want to accept us. Fuck all of them for real.

  3. Did anyone else hear Kanye’s reason this morning for keeping his mouth shut about Ferguson? IMO he no longer has a race card to pull, he’s done.

    • Kanye does not owe you anything. He is responsible for him and his family. Worry about yourself and not what a celebrity has to say.
      All this celebrity worshiping by blacks will be the end of us!!!

      • You seem to be the only person worried about the reactions to Kanye’s foolishness.
        I’m allowed to comment about the words of a lunatic who thinks he represents “us”. That’s what the comment section is for. It should’ve been clear to you after reading my statement that I do not worship Kanye West or any other celebrity in popular culture.

        • @Say cheese I totally agree with you! I am so eager for the us community to take our revenue back from this psychotic sick ass! He is a sell out on top of suffering from extreme psychosis. But don’t worry the sell out will need the one community he got too big for to support with his oreo cookie ass! When the Kartrashians are through with him he won’t ever do that again. Think I am lying just m ask Lamar Odom. He married and has a your daughter with a PORN STAR I mean I am so blown away by this. This Kartrashian thinks she is entitle! Sweetness O dear a white man would have never done that(married you and jeopardized his status in the community) with you. O but no a black self hatin negro would cause BOSS made him think he was special! Family of HOOKAS and he had the nerve to diss amber rose! GIRL BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


  4. Black lives don’t matter to Koonye only wack clothes do. He feels more comfortable around his peer group of old white women. SMDH

      • The point is stop supporting Kanye in anything that he says or does
        He dont give a phuck about any of us or our issues so y should we give a phuck about his

        • no the original point is for blacks to stop killing other blacks all over the country. If black lives don’t matter to other blacks, why should Kanye and everyone else care?

          • @anonymous07:49 you stupid! Stop making these statements like you know every black person and how they feel. Maybe you don’t like black people, but Bitch “I LOOOOVVEEEEE BLACK PEOPLE!” LOVE LOVE LOVE.

          • 07:49 That is the sanest, truest statement I’ve read today. Why would anyone else care about black lives when we seem to be killing each other as fast as possible. I just watched a First 48 marathon and the stupid senseless killings are more than I can wrap my head around. Killing a best friend since you were a baby over $500 to pay off a debt? And don’t even get started on the murdering among them who don’t know each other like in Chiraq.
            Black life should matter more.

            • 7:49 & 13:38
              A huge standing ovation for both of you!!!!
              This fool @ 7:55 is just TOO DAMM STUPID AND PROBABLY DENSE to not realize about that statement.
              I bet he or one of his boyz is on First 48 and killing other blacks is >>keeping it real<< in da hood!!!!

  5. I applaud this woman for speaking the truth because Kanye has no fashion sense. He’s always in black and doesn’t look good.

  6. She’s allowed not to like him. For every one who doesn’t, there’s twenty who do. I miss Kanye’s 2003-2010 music tho. She’s right, his attitude and style does suck.


  7. Gay, Straight or kanye some of his stuff is over the top and is going to appeal to a small group of Avant fashion forward people. He should own it and stop the blame game. Get over it, the women isn’t feeling you and its ok.

  8. Rantye does not get to play the race card because a well respected & true fashionista like Fern Mallis actually called time on his Emperor’s New Clothes fantasy.
    The fact is KW is wealthy, privileged & has more that enough money to pour down the drain with his various vanity projects. The colour of his skin is immaterial..the bottom line is, heads are rolling at Adidas H.Q, and he couldn’t design his way out of a paper bag.Anyone else remember the disaster that was his London “flagship” store ?
    And as for getting into St Martin’s … Mate..You’ve actually got to be talented to get in to that school..& no matter what your Entourage or the In-Laws tell you, Fern Mallis nailed it. Your show was a joke, you just missed the punch line .. again !

    • His “Zombies in Spanx” show removed any lingering doubt as to his “genius” when it comes to design.

    • Amen,if you have so much talent as a designer why did choose to be a RAPPER!!!….Deep down in time you know you don’t have the talent for it that’s why you didnt try to go to St Martin’s…..Your just someone with $$ that’s bored…Beside that fashion was AWFUL n it SUCKED anybody can sew pantyhose!!!

    • Since when has being too rich or famous been a barrier for entering education anywhere? He’s not only narcissistic but completely deluded.

  9. All bickering, name calling, who is wearing what today, who is f*cking who is all a part of the Hollywood illusion. It keeps people who have nothing to offer name alive in the press. No one cares about West’s ‘music’ and his ho does nothing, so this is the only thing the illuminati can do to keep them famous.

  10. Fern’s comment was rather civilized to, say, comments that are normally about Kanye.

    What does Kanye want of the world: kiss his butt and only give him nice compliments about everything he does? That’s not how the world operates and he should be open to criticism; it’ll help him develop his craft better.

    Fern didn’t say anything horrible and from what I saw on TV was lame. I don’t doubt Kanye’s passion but I question if he had the talent for it. But that’s up for debate.

  11. I don’t like Kanye either, but, Why is he crying like a schoolgirl that got dissed by “The Mean Girls” in high school. Really Bro, you going out like this? Come out the clouds, and get your pride out the mud for Christ Sake!!!

  12. Kayne is a crying brat. Diddy won a CFDA Award in 2000, that’s the highest award in fashion you can get. Diddy didn’t cry because if designers and critics didn’t like is clothing line. He just stepped his game up from velour sweat suits & baggy jeans to tailored suits and ties. Kayne out here acting like he’s the first rapper with a clothing line. He needs to shut up and do better with his clothing line
    Even rich people don’t give a f*ck about rich people’s problems.

  13. why didnt he yell that she didnt have the answers? he respect those white folk. hey ye, those white people will never accept you, you can trot around kim all you want. she dressed better before she got with kanye. maybe sway do have the answers.

  14. I like to think of Kanye as a little boy in a man’s body lost in a great big world, searching for an identity. Make no mistake fashion is his passion. It’s what he wants to do. Fine. I have no problem with that. You’d have to be blind not to see it. But it’s questionable that he has the talent.

    • I think he has shown he does not have the talent or skills to create even a line of clothing (say winter clothes). I want to be a pilot but don’t have the aptitude for it. I accept it. We are witnesses to his demise and it will come at the hands of the nefarious people he has gotten into bed with.

  15. A letter that says nothing but laced with self delusion and victimization. He is past that. He can’t pull that nifty race card anymore. He is done, toast. His creative vibe in fashion is nonexistent. He lives for that whore who is using him to access respectability, and he is heading for big trouble when she decides to dump his ass.

  16. I am horn on this one. I would love to tear that lady a new but guess what? I can’t
    I heard Kanye in the breakfast club and his. Megalomania is out of control.

    I wonder is that Kanye acting out, or I be of his alters? Gas he been programmed to make a fool of himself?

    I can’t call this one. I did not corner the market on knowledge, only Bill O’ Reilly can do that.

    • Good night!,, top alert..

      Sentence should say…I am TORN not Hirn.

    • I am leaving after this… I am making too many typos.

      Corrected text..I wonder if Kanye is acting out or is it one of his alters?
      Has he been programmed to make a fool of himself?

      I can’t call it.

        • I honestly DO see why you conspiracy buffs think Kanye has been programmed by a mythical Dr. Evil and his dark, dastardly society of all bad things.
          If ever there were a person who appeared to do a 180 in their life, it would be he. But, if you delve a little deeper, you find that he’s been basically just like he is now for his whole life. His mother dedicated her life to keeping him on the rails, and she was somehow able to accomplish that. Now, he is a fully formed NPD/bipolar/histrionic floundering for all the world to see without Mama’s stabilizing force behind him and it’s an ugly mess indeed.
          But it’s not programming. I wish it were because that can be fixed. Nope, precious little Kanye is God’s special little snowflake(he’s one of a kind) and he cannot get out of his own way. Mark my words, he will all have a front row seat to his eventual breakdown, and I say that with great sadness.

          If you doubt his desire for constant attention consider this, he has forfeited every last thing that mattered(and made him a man of respect) in order to marry the only woman in the world which guarantees he will be in the media EVERY F&*CKING DAY OF THE YEAR. He didn’t marry her because she’s pretty, sexy, smart, loving, or can take a face full of pee…he married her because she assures him the attention/coverage he craves. Believe it or not, and I doubt anyone will believe it, inside sources say that Kim is morphing into the world’s most glamorous P.O.W. He dictates he every move and every thread on her back is chosen by him. He recently made her cut her beloved hair, and that nearly caused a major rift right before his show. He uses her like a living breathing Barbie Doll of who he wished he were. Can you imagine how things will go when she begins to show her age and she cannot keep the pounds at bay?? And as she approaches 40, that isn’t that far off.
          For those who think PMK is the evil overlord of Kanye, think again. Kanye has them all scared to death and on their best behavior.

  17. Kanye and his cohorts have f*cked the album design game up as well with his DONDA design f*ckery!!! Used to be an artist would come to you and you would design his logo, package, etc…. Now EVERYONE wants DONDA to design their albums!!! And the shit is Wackadocious!!! I mean damn… Doesn’t anyone want to be different anymore? Or is everyone a puppet? I know a few people that got fired for even mentioning Kanye was in the building to their friends… This dudes story WILL NOT end well!!! He’s a groupies groupie and his whole existence in music is one dick ride to the next dick ride!!! He needs to go somewhere and just fade away!!! He WON’T be missed… I promise!

  18. Kayne showed the industry he is a try Amateur in the fashion world, he doesn’t have a f*ckin clue!!! Versace, Michael Kors, Chanel, or any respectable designer would ever rant out to the critics
    And fashion critics have slandered and questioned the talent of the most popular designers season by season after season. And he worst a damn sweat suit to take a bow. Even Russell Simmons wore argyle sweaters with dress shirts for Phat Farm in the 90’s. Diddy closed his fashion shows in tailored suits or leather jackets.

    Then the muthaf*cka Kayne wears a sweat suit to close his first fashion show in 2015. A billion dollar industry don’t have time for that, lol.

  19. Kanye is known for the way he acts so it’s expected of him. But I won’t lie, love his music.

  20. Kanye’s an artist he just express his artistry the wrong way. I would never compare his style with Sean Jean. Sean Jean is a urban street wear, Kanye not so much. He’s on to something. Pharrell too:)

  21. kanye west is nothing but a crazy black man who wants to make it in a white man’s world
    he thought marrying a white bitch would be beneficial but this white bitch is nothing but a whore who sleep around with rich black man.

    kim and her family are nothing but cocky whores, they think all rich black man want them
    but instead these rich black man are wise their using these whore for attention!!

    sadly same black men aren’t hip to their game, white women use rich black man for their money
    their the oringal gold diggers just like white men are the oringal dead-beat dads

  22. Kanye you and Bruce put y’all heels on and go to her show when you get to New York, because that woman look like Bruce completed his transformation, I didn’t know that was a woman, kanye what they are trying to say is your style suck’s, they only pacify you so you’ll shut the f*ck up, they don’t really wanna be bothered with yo retarded ass, they just aren’t telling you that “yet” sense you so famous yes kanye you are indeed famous a famous jackass clown ass nikka, all in all them people really are wishing you’d just go away like everyone else

  23. These people are both full of shit. They are not for the people. Create your own and you will never need approval from anyone.

  24. His first 2 sentences has some merit based on information presented in a recent NYT article on NYFW and the lack black desginers. Im curious of the percentage of non White designers, including Asians, Latinos et. al(since the world is not just black and white, more gray if anything). Kanye does have a shyt attitude and not a fan of his clothing or ugly ass shoe designs,


    Wish to see more designers like Koshie O invited to fashion week. I love Tsemaye Bintitie’s designs as well.

  25. Why does Kanye think he’s such a fashion icon or great designer n shit? Just look at what he’s wearin in that pic lol. I wouldnt wear none of the shit he wears or puts out and I dont know any dudes that would wear his weak ass skirts n shit like that either.

  26. Fern and Kanye are both WAY down on my list of people who are relevant. They come right after Paris Hilton and the local dog catcher.

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