IG Vixen Mizz DR Arrested For Robbery/Murder Conspiracy

Mizz DR Murder Robbery Conspiracy

Popular Instagram model, Diana “Mizz DR” Escotto, was arrested with three other individuals in the murder of a missing New Jersey man whose body was found in the trunk of a car in the Bronx last month.

Jordan Johnson was reported missing Jan. 14 after his girlfriend came home to find their Fort Lee apartment burglarized. One day later, Johnson’s body was found in the trunk of a black BMW parked along East 211th Street and Tryon Avenue in the Bronx. An autopsy concluded Johnson was strangled to death.

Here’s what a source said:

“Mizz DR told them dudes how much Jordan was holding and they thought it was going to be an easy lick”

Here’s what’s reported:

“On Thursday, Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli announced 26-year-old Robert Martinez of Massachusetts has been charged with felony murder in Johnson’s death. Courtney Evelyn, 30, Dyrol Evelyn, 25, and Diana Escotto (Mizz DR), 24, all of New York City, have been charged with hindering apprehension.

Andre Jamal Thompson, 25, was arrested Feb. 9 for Johnson’s murder. Prosecutors say Thompson lured Johnson to a Fort Lee apartment before killing him. Thompson then used the dead man’s phone to lure his girlfriend out of their apartment with text messages that appeared to be from Johnson. Once she left, the apartment they shared was ransacked of jewelry, cash and other items.

Martinez is being held on $2 million bail at the Worchester County House of Corrections. The other 3 suspects were all apprehended in NYC and are in the custody of the NYPD.”


  1. I would have arrested her for that ratchet weave and plastic booty a looong time before this!

  2. She is not cute at all. Jhonni Blaze could give her a run for her money. These chicks stay plotting.

  3. why is she on a red carpet with her hair not combed and a i got up slipped something on to run to the corner store outfit on? this supposed to be a well known model? she couldn’t even get fly for a public appearance and she supposed to be somebody? whatever man

  4. I don’t believe her age because those hips don’t lie. That’s a lesson to you fellas that you never trust a big butt and a smile.

  5. This is all because these idiots don’t want to make an honest living so they setup and rob people. Unfortunately the victim died in this case. Rest in peace to this poor man Jordan Johnson.

  6. I never understand the mentality of some people who don’t want to work but think everybody else owes them something. To all these fake want to be rappers and video models get a real job and stop plotting on what everybody else got. I hope they throw the book at them.

    • Your first sentence describes my some of my relatives and many people born after 1986.

  7. stop flexing for these hoes (stop flexing altogether) but esp. for these hoes. They’ll be the ones to get that ass lined tf up & come up w. the next nigga off your shit. This reminds me of what happened with max b though. damn. All I can say is do your dirt by your lonely. Anytime there’s an accomplice everybody going down.

    • Stop flexing your goods around gutter hood rats, successful people don’t rob each other., you can flex around successful peers but that’s about it. That handsome young man had no business chillin with a bunch of goons that look like they bathe every other leap year. RIP.

        • True., but not In this fashion, I guarantee you, they will not strangle you to death and put you in the trunk of your bimmer. There’s levels to the depravity that some people do.

  8. Hood Rats are a slippery slope, male or female. Using a big but and a smile to entrap is the oldest trick in the book. Crabs we gotta erase from the family…A Must! We hate our own, and it’s hella sick…Real Talk!!!!

  9. That’s not true, successful ppl rob each other all the damn time, its called white collar crime. lml.

    • The violence is what separates the 2 aspects of criminal behavior. Material items can be replaced, a life is gone forever. So, hood crime will always be the greater evil. Robbing and killing a brotha who is in the same bucket has never made sense to me. As a people, we don’t break bread with each other as is required, thus, a percentage of us feel the need to take from other folk. Crime is the biggest obstacle, as it relates to economic progress. The Hood can thrive just the same, but, the violence has to stop…Bottomline!

  10. I didnt know Instagram was a modeling agency!!!! My shorty sends me a lotta half naked, naked, sexy pics, does that make her a Model? I’m tired ofreading about these sluts being models. Pls give them their proper title

    • True. These types stand in a category by themselves
      and its most certainly isnt model category

  11. Don’t tell people your business and don’t let them know where you live that’s rule number one. This chick is hella thirsty posing and her hair ain’t even done. Why would she go out with her roots looking like that. She was in need for a touch up.

  12. This man worked and lived in an upscale area in New Jersey with his girlfriend so why was he hanging with these hoodrats from the Bronx. I agree don’t let people know your business and what you have.

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