WTF?! Kanye Raps About Acting White & Sniffin’ Coke In Leaked Track!

kanye acting like im white

In case you had any doubts, Kanye is officially GONE!

The first track from his new album leaked. It’s called “Hold Tight” featuring Migos and Young Thug. Peep these hot mess lyrics:

“I be actin’ like I’m white (white)/F***** white b******, black and white d*** (oh, ayy)…100 bump, I do that s*** all night/Sniff a line/I be sniffing Miley Cyrus with Miley Cyrus/In a bathroom with my thumb in her a**/Now I’m actin’ like I’m white”

Listen for yourself:

And here’s a video of Yeezy acting a fool and spazzing out in the studio.



  1. They are going to do a meds adjustment on him. Not supposed to talk about what you do in private with these white celebs. This track sounds like a diss on the life he’s chosen, particularly someone who is showing her butt all the time. Who could that be. Read between the lines.

  2. Kanye been doing drugs been going crazy he knows how to keep his name buzzing he’s an attention whore

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