K.Michelle & Bobby Maze Ain’t Rockin’ No More: Who Dumped Who?


Either K. Michelle is choosing all the wrong ones -or- she simply can’t hold a man. The self-noted “Rebellious Soul” recently put it all out there that she’s through with Bobby Maze.

The drop comes a little over a year after word broke of the pair dating. Now, it looks like K.Michelle is leaking this the the blogs.

“Dating the baller hasn’t proven to be easy because his bitter baby mama has continuously put his deadbeat drama in the news.”

Peep K.Michelle’s instablasts:

k-michelle-bobby-maze3 k-michelle-bobby-maze2 k-michelle-bobby-maze


  1. A lesbian that just uses men to try to stay on the blogs to keep her15 minutes going. The music industry is becoming a joke.

  2. sounds like shes relieved of him.

    sounds like she cant wait to get back out there.

    oh well don’t believe in the dating scene imn holloywood anyway.

  3. K michelle is too ghetto man look at her as a hoodrat loud azz talkin aways gossipin on the blogs all the time.An she wonder why she cant find a man shut ur big azz mouth up damn

    • K . Michelle is a graduate of FAMU. A previous Miss Famu and a Delta it’s sad that she’s known for being a Memphis Hood rat out of all her accomplishments

      • I totally forgot she is a Delta. I hope n pray the Deltas don’t blackball her out.

  4. K. Michelle isnt a lesbian… She just a girl who would f*ck anything that says hi to her. Insecure, mostlikely. Crazy, Im sure. Lesbian, she is not! tuh! lol

  5. You know those pretty girls with the nice bodies, Good cook, dress fly, likes her sports.. A nigga always got em then leave em.. Thats K. Shes a good lay and fun time prolly trick a lil too on these men. Men pick up on that. Check her roster.. All her dudes are semi medicore they looking for a come up from her exccept the pot head on the knicks. He knew she was for the weekend not the season. hell remember Ryan Lochte after he won the gold there were reports that was her boo… what he do? deny deny deny.. Hmmm after reading this maybe she does need to become a lesbian and date those manly ag types. Them hoes wife everything like Zino

  6. k mitchelle booty looks like 2 chocolate watermelons!! she need to change her attitude she won’t get no d*ck if she acting ghetto
    some black men won’t f*ck with black women’s stinky attitude

  7. Wow. Then there are those of us who are not ghetto and no good dudes out here…smh can’t win for losing.

  8. K. Is my girl. How many people have y’all f*cked? If your not mother theresa or the pope please stop the bs

  9. k michelle please commit to being a lesbian.

    other women who need to come out latifah, mc lyte, da brat, and halle berry sorry but halles a raging closet dyke she can’t work it out with black or white guys.

    too many to name but beyonce, and Ciara and janet too need to quit men.

    along with mary j and Mariah they need clitlickers and strap ons in their lives from now on.

  10. K. Michelle can’t keep a man because her attitude is nasty and she is the definition of the stereotypical black woman, loud, rude, neck rolling etc. Hell her nasty attitude has over shadowed her music.

  11. @scorpiogirl: Yes, it’s sad… Money and education do not change character. They put a spotlight on character. The more money and fame she gets, the worst she’ll become. I truly do think she is very insecure and crazy…Just not certified yet.
    @Cornbread: There are good guys out there. They are afraid to give their hearts, because they have been hurt. You have to smile, make eye contact, and take things day-by-day…Just like you take one breath at a time. Pray that God prepares you and him for each other. Watch what happens!

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