Jump-Off Who Exposed Cocaine Cowboy Miami Dolphins Coach Receiving Death Threats!

CONSEQUENCES… Clearly, neither of these two thought of them!

The woman who exposed Miami Dolphins offensive line coach, Chris Foerster, is now claiming to be receiving threats from ‘white people’, because she exposed

See below:


    • Does it matter?

      His trailer park bipolar ass was the one snortin’ & shit.

      Can’t wait for all these fools to be outed…so all this fake shit can fall.

  1. Maaan fuck these Cave Bitch asss Neanderthals.. Bunch of hypocrits, bet if he was black and doing that shiit they’de be on his ass like “Thats not the type of moral character an athlete or coach should show blah blah blah, ” One thing I’ve learned about Neanderthal Pail Skin People, they are some stupid dump asss hypocrits that wont take responsibility for their own actions but would point fingers at others to make themselves feel like they on some holy shiit, maaan fuck these dog fuckers!!!!

        • Yes and that’s why I make in the mid 6 figures a year sir.

          Proper English is the best tool one can acquire for the business world. I don’t care if you have the brain of Mark Zuckerberg, if you sound hood, no one will listen.

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