Biggest John? T-Mobile CEO Gives Vida Guerra That Lifestyle?


HSK Exclusive – Just when you thought it was a wrap for Vida Guerra, T-Mobile’s “profanity-spewing” CEO has stepped to the plate!

“We are glad to have you on our team @VidaGuerra” -John Legere

To some, Mr. T-Mobile is the “shock jock of corporate America.” To others, he’s that dude that likes to get turnt up on Twitter … Just ask Donald Trump. But to Vida, he’s just a John … John Legere, to be specific. That’s according to a source who tells us Vida is banking on smashing John Legere in hopes that he’ll sign on as sponsor to the 40-year-old former video vixen.

“John Legere reached out to Vida on social media and she instantly started plott’in a scheme.”

Dig the drop:

“Vida is an original hustla…she was trickin’ before MySpace. All it takes is one good sponsor to put a b*tch back in the game.”

John Legere Vida Guerra


  1. Vida Guerra, a hoe who can’t act, can’t dance, can’t sing and from what I heard, can’t f*ck! At least her ass is real unlike Kim Kardashian!

  2. For all you Vida Guerra lovers, the picture you see is over ten years old. Vida doesn’t look like that anymore. She is no longer a ten, she is a five; six on a good day!

  3. She wishes!! Maybe if it was 2004 and the dude had a vision problem that blurred that face.

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