Jeezy’s Got Trick Fever!

Jeezy's Houston Hoe

HSK Exclusive – Jeezy may be the next rapper in line to try to turn a h*e into a housewife!

HSK has exclusively learned Mr. ‘Me OK’ is coupled up with a Houston escort. That could be why Jeezy is keeping the relationship on the DL.

Details surrounding the reported relationship are scarce but we can tell you she goes by the name “Cansu”. We’ve also been able to dig up her IG message to Jeezy, in which she reminds him not to forget to wish her friend a December 4th “birthday” … and from the looks of it, Jeezy will follow suit!

Check it:

“Jeezy recently flew out Cansu to meet him in Denver. He’s tricking hard on this white chick.”

Jeezy Houston Escort

Jeezy Engaged

Barbie Houston Young Jeezy


  1. She needs to spend some of them coins on a super sized industrial stength girdle to hold that gut in.

  2. Love , love , loooooove the name. ” Cansu”! As in, I can and WILL sue your dumb black ass as soon as I get the prerequisite beige baby”. LOL#hoesstaywinning!

  3. She looks like a 2014 version of the white woman in “Don’t be a Menace in South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood”

  4. Just awful. Really? Why do they always have to find a white woman? There is no one else that is so thirsty to have any type of white woman but black men.

    • No self respecting buppy would want to date Jeezy. Leave him for the hood boogers and White chicks, the preference for the quintessential black male of today.

    • Let her have him.
      I mean, really. If these satan worshippers want to screw a dog .. let them.

      Ladies, I know you’re not into any of these down low double dippin gay for pay actors and rappers? Let them date the ugliest whitest devil they can.

      Men. We don’t want Kim or Paris or Halle or Kerry. Not really. Been bought and sold all over the world. No thanks. Date a daggone pig if you want.

  5. As my homie in Douala once told me their idiom: You can’t get a cow from a goat. Seems wifing whores is a universal no no but somehow men find them lovable.

  6. I could care less about Jeezy. She could have him and she aint got nothing on Kim K or Keyshia Cole.


  7. Wow this girl looks younger like Kylie Jenner. I hope Jeezy ain’t turn to R Kelly.The rapper the game dating and 18yr old and Tyga dating Kim’s younger sister.They must want to go to jail.

  8. Next! These Pasty Becky’s Haven’t Got Nothing On Sexy Chocolate Black Women!

    You Nicca’s Will Dip Your Dicks In Anything And Everyone

  9. LMAOOOOOOOO! Really jezzy lol that’s the best you can do mane? I mean really? Why find trash ass broads to try ta wife? Yall some silly ass cat’s wow!

  10. These fools are going to wished they would have studied to strong black women that we are made to be! I love my chocolate men and I will stand behind a good strong one who can weather any type of storm to be there for a strong black woman.

    • @DaRadiant1

      Technically These Nicca’s Are Using White Women, And White Women Are Using Are Them!!

      White Women Are Money Grabbing, These Nicca’s Are Too Dumb To Realize It.

      Chocolate Women Are Sexy!!

  11. These rappers can’t be this stupid. Just saving whore after whore. Forget female doctors, lawyer’s, teachers, or any other good women that is trying to do the right thing….. Just marry whores and strippers. That’s how I know that these rappers and actors are just puppets doing the devils work trying to convince the next generation to be noting but losers and puppets like them. Wake up people…. Our lives depend on it!!!!!!!

  12. A WHITE MANS TRASH = Black man’s trash….LolololololoL..jeezy and his white trash Barbie…I swear integration made negroes worst off than ever. This is atrocious. He should go under a rock for being a thirsty fool. Yuck, this chick look like a mixture of chlamydia, herpes, gonorrhea, and a bad yeast infection.

  13. Let’s These Negro’s Dick These White Bytches Down!!
    Do’t If A Fuck But, Stop These White Bytches Copying Black Women

  14. Jeezy gay. Jay z gay. Diddy, French Montana groupie ass, nelly, etc. keysha never stood a chance.

  15. She lookin hella happy Jeezy dumb ass afforded her better than them yeasty ass jeans and that dusty throwback guess sweatshirt..yea what a gentleman

    • So what????? Hell, I’m embarrassed for the brotha. No pride or some kinda dignity…just desperate…..picking up the white man’s cruddy leftovers. If you gonna trick out a hoe, get a bad bitch and not this unsanitary end of the totem $2 looking hoe.

      • like I said so what jeezy wanna wastye his money that’s on him.

        everybody wanna copy kim’s booty shoot now.

        oh yes whatever kim does white and black America follow.

        kris jenner dates a younger black man.

        all 60 year old w9omen are now free tro date younger black men now.

        any young black stud wanna phukk betty davis before she croaks shes paid ya’ll.

        maybe joan rivers needed her a young big black dick in her before she died.

        hey rosie and ellen needs some black dick in their lives.

        and sally strothers big fat ass needs a black man comne on you black studs know you wanna phukk sally strothers old fat ass.

  16. and bruce is a crossdresser so any of you old white men wanna crossdress iyts cool now remember bruce was married to kris jenner.

    its cool or a old ass white man to wear makeup and pick up younger guys now.

    bruce wants a black guy to tear his old white ass up.

    go bruce get that black STUD YOU’RE RICH.

  17. Welcome to 2015! Times where intelligence and morality are no longer celebrated. T&A (real or fake) rules the nation. I’m not too surprised. It was only a matter of time. Seen one self hating, Sambo, trick ass never had “bad bitches” before my deal fool ass nigga, you’ve seen em all. Typical. It isn’t cuz she’s white..its because she f*ckin hideous. Anything but black tho, right?

  18. Jeezy is too old for this…Mid-Life Crisis! Him cheesing over a white chick…Par For The Course! I have 7 CDs from Jeezy that i purchased over the years. He loves talking about white this and that… Cocaine, Cars, Women, etc. Old School heads remember “Christina Aguilera aka White Girl from his USDA Cold Summer Mixtape from 2007. Brothas don’t see the hypocrisy of their behavior. Talk mucho s**t about whitemen, white supremacy, white privilege, and so forth. Who is the biggest cheerleader of Caucasian women on the planet? Their own men, or black rappers, athletes, buppies, actors, thugs, and the rest of them. Make no mistake about it, the suits that run the fame bizness approve… Recycling 101! Jeezy can plug all the white cooch he desires. Her brothers get the money nonetheless… The Lesson! Again, other women have no incentive to change. They wanna be close to their earthly father… The Blackman! That’s understood by sane folk on both sides. If we kept it 100 with our women, nobody would care about this nonsense. But, this is not the case. I can only speak for myself. I can’t deal with Becky because her brothers enslaved us, lynched us, cut our family jewels off, and a myriad of other circumstances over the past 1000 or more years. He operates in a bubble, allows him to escape the real world. Seeing is Believing!

  19. She must be on tour? The let Jeezy and nem put it in every hole tour. That Gucci bag ain’t big enough to stick all the STD’s or Humility in it.

  20. I don’t get the whole screw a hoe wife a hoe marry a hoe ? What ever happen to bang a hoe stash a real dime for the family. !!! I definitely would want to be with areal women of substance ! You know class before trash!!! An why do all rappers date the same hoes ill that’s just nasty! I never want anything that’s been with a homie or some dude I don’t even like coz he went their ! Besides most of these rappers are UGLY as f*ck ! It wouldn’t stick shit after lil Wayne ah hell nah but they even get the same girl,pregnant ill disgusting !! Jeez ain’t no …. Well you get my drift if these ugly mofos didn’t have doe the wouldn’t have hoes !! Get it??

  21. The chicks on Hunts Point give her “Two Kicks” in the azz…count ’em…two.

  22. Hell naw @ jt last two dollars lmao and please im blk and I was born born with this ass Kim bought and sold hers I’m in my late 30s young and old follow this ass but I’m a woman not a thot or a knockoff I have a moral compass with standards so jeezy and the rest of his kind can have those bionic cyborg manufactured blk made in Taiwan hookers lol

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