Jay Z Caught Cross-Dressing!

Jay Z Cross Dressing

Just when you thought Jay Z couldn’t be anymore of a Tom… Ford — Holy Hova’s been caught flaunting a sweet twist to his Tom factor. An image of Brooklyn’s very own Barney has exposed Hovi sportin’ women’s wear!

That would the ‘Rodarte Jersey Top’. From what we’ve discovered… the jersey was released back in 2005; featured on the runway that very year in Rodarte’s first “complete runway collection [New York Fashion Week], and retails for $405.00 a piece.

Now… one can only imagine what other girly pieces Mister Carter could be hiding in his forbidden room. Don’t you agree?

Let’s Go!!!

Jay Z Womens Wear


  1. Not that I am disputing your copy Jacky, but truthfully the model looks like she is in a man’s jersey. It’s not like he appeared in a skirt or kilt.

    Thank Lord.

    Jay Z gets no love here, but at least he is one dude who seems to eschew the overt feminization of BM so far.

  2. Lol…bit of a stretch. When I see him in one of Yonce’s discarded blond weaves and a pair of cootchie cutters then ill be on board.

  3. It’s not a feminine shirt but it is clumsy and ugly AND a bite off the old FUBU jerseys back in the day.

    Jay-Z’s style of dress reminds me of that song Biggie wrote about 2pac…’he can be as good as the best of them but as bad as the worst.’

  4. to be honest it looks like a men’s t-shirt

    as for his booty poppin wife who think’s
    she all that all bad things that her and parent did
    is all gonna come back

  5. Preach Jacky, Gay-Z has probably got a thong on and a butt plug in his fruity rectum too.

  6. Wow, if a man wants to be a woman or idolizes women’s wear, it’s frowned upon. Is it that horrible to be a woman? Because when a woman wants to be a man, it’s considered a step up. She’s trying to go to the next level…a man being a woman is viewed as a step backwards. Doesn’t make a woman feel good knowing she’s the least desired out of the two genders.

    • It’s called marketing. No man would pay $405 for a football jersey, but easily manipulated trend following women…..

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