Jay Z Boasts About Beatin’ On Beyonce!

Jay Z Channels Ike Turner & Anna Mae

No one can deny that Beyonce straight jacked the essence of Anna Mae ‘Tina Turner’ Bullock, but Mr. and Mrs. Carter could be the spitting image of what’s depicted in the [very one-sided] movie “What’s Love Got To Do With It” … in which Hollywood paints Ike Turner as a relentless wife-beater.

That’s the type of husband Jigga admits to being.

Hova makes the revelation on Beyonce’s music video “Drunk In Love” — with Beyonce happily standing behind him while mouthing Jay’s words.

Check out a snippet of Jay Z’s verse in the song:

“I am Ike Turner
Baby know I don’t play.
Now eat the cake, Anna Mae.
Said Eat the Cake, Anna Mae”

Does Jay Z force Beyonce to walk seven steps behind him? Of course! Don’t believe me … Just ask Bey’s cousin, Angie.


  1. truuu……the name ‘DRUNKIN LOVE” says alot…ugh i wish people would jus mine their own business

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