Jay Z Jealous Of Beyonce And Chris Martin

beyonce chris martin

Jay Z and Beyonce’s relationship has been on the rocks for a while with several reports surfacing that the two want to call it quits.

Most recently, there was talk about Jigga’s secret relationship with Rita Ora, who was his client, but is now suing him, and has threatened to expose their past if he doesn’t relinquish their contract.

Now a source is saying that Jay is wary about all the time his wife has been spending with Coldplay front man, and Gwyneth Paltrow’s ex-husband, Chris Martin.   The two have been working closely together in preparation to perform at the Super Bowl 50 halftime show, but Hova thinks they are spending a little too much time.

“Jay isn’t comfortable with how close they’ve become. ”

Queen Bey insists that there is nothing romantic between her and Martin, and that they just need a lot of time to prepare for the 12-minute performance that will have the world watching.  “She’s a perfectionist. She wants her duet with Chris to be an all-time classic and that means doing whatever it takes,” the source close to the situation says.

jay z chris martin

What makes Jay Z uncertain is that fact that “They’re going to spend all night rehearsing if necessary, and she doesn’t care what Jay thinks.”


  1. Boy if this gets out if bet and cm having an affair nigga will be the laughing stock sincebjay has this pimp image it would hurt him plus if she leaves the money she makes

    • I was thinking the same exact thing. I think those celebs swing all the time. Look how Jamie ended up with Toms Cruise exwife. And they were friends. Gwen and her husband were good friends with bey and jay. Child boo. He know his wife is a workaholic. But Rita better be careful there was this other chick who ended up dead after threatening to expose jay. She better be careful.

  2. Oh,wow! Even if their having an affair, Jay z can't say much, because he had an affair with Rita Whora. People who have cheated in the past, will accuse their partner of cheating it's called "cheater's guilt". It was rumored Gwen was sleeping with Jay z, not sure if that's true.

  3. What goes around comes around Jay-Z you do it to her all the time even if she is not having any thing to do with him just know the hell you put her in for the past years you been together.

  4. The Ugly Camel keeps getting Uglier the older he gets now she can finally leave the lights on when F##KING someone else besides the Camel.

  5. Lmao How ironic is it that the biggest cheaters are always so suspicious of their partner! Does he sleep with all his clients?

  6. When i slept all day on thursday, i had a dream that Beyonce started dating MARC ANTHONY. i swear on everything! Wow lol oh my god!

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