Janet Jackson Confirms She’s Separated From Husband

janet jackson split husband

Janet Jackson has confirmed through her rep that she and her husband, Wissam Al Mana, are splitting. They were married sometime in 2012.

The two haven’t decided to go through with a divorce, but they’re separating for now.

Things hit a rough spot in the singer’s third marriage after their child, Eissa Al Mana, was born just a couple months ago.

Now she’s about to be a single mother at the age of 50.

How come Janet can’t keep a man???


  1. Baby? What baby?

    It’s HIS baby and Janet will never get within 10 feet of it.

    • You can bet he will fight for the kid to be brought up in his religion and in the middle east or London. Does anyone think he will be allowed to be in the midst of the money greedy Jacksons. Janet screwed the pooch on that one. Not well educated I guess. She will walk away with millions but custody and decisions will be a huge problem.

  2. She stupid – she gave up love to be a hoe to “fans”! When she gone stop thoting ??? at 62?…at 72? She pulled a silly goose on this one.

      • oh THE miss Nasty – lol but not for her husband huh…she only nasty on stage, lol, ok…he will be fine, trust that. She will be worn out and used up. She an old thot.

  3. Any man who was crazy enough to knock up a herpes infested hoe who wouldn’t even claim, or take care of her own daughter is mad. After that tour she flunked out on, of course she wants a lot of money to help cover some of the legal cost, and to be reimbursed for what she’s already lost.

    • Now, TTS told it like it is.
      You just left out the part about the contact being up.

  4. Janet plan was to get married get a baby get out knew this when she first got with him mariah tried to marry and get pregnant by her billionaire but she too crazy these women are starting a trend with this

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