It Wouldn’t Be the First Lie Queen Latifah Lived…

It’s what she knows best!

According to SandraRose:

She’s pushing 50, but actress Queen Latifah says she’s ready to settle down and have a baby. The 47-year-old media mogul says she wants to keep her baby news a secret from her friends.

The closeted lesbian has spoken about her desire to have a child for some
years and previously attributed the delay to her habit of procrastinating.

In 2012, Latifah told Barbara Walters on The View that she was looking into adopting a child.

But during a chat at the Television Critics Association panel for Fox show Star on Tuesday, the former rapper-turned-actress revealed her plans to surprise everyone and have a baby.

When she does get around to adopting or conceiving a baby (probably via in vitro fertilization), she says she will keep the child a secret from her friends until she’s ready to tell them.

“You’ll know when you see me with the rugrat on my shoulder with the little backpack and all this. ‘Oh, she did it!’” she said, reported Us Weekly. “That’s kind of how it will happen.”

Latifah, whose real name is Dana Elaine Owens, blamed her hard partying ways for the delay in starting a family.

She didn’t mention her track record of broken relationships with women and her inability to maintain a healthy relationship.

“I had some things to deal with,” she told E! News. “I had to get a lot of partying out of my system early in life for about 40 years. You know what I’m saying. I’m good now. I think I’m ready.”


  1. Any child “King” Latifah has or adopts will need a true relationship with GOD. She is in denial about her sin. Homosexuality is not an alternative lifestye: it is a sin. That child will be brought up in a GODless home.

    • Gtfoh wtfrutb God created them so if they fuqd up who’s to .Blame now shut yo weak minded ass up

  2. Latifah please drop.the act we know you like women

    Roxanne Shante, foxy, and tweedy bird loc outed you

    We never saw you with a dude except maybe one boyfriend back in 91 and maybe shakim hit it and maybe kendu when she was hiding it

    You married lgbt couples you kissed Jeanette in the boat but you.straight lol

  3. I really think Hollywood is the last place on earth that you should bring up children. Which celebrity children do well in that environment? I think we can all expect this poor soul (should she be successful) end up gay or trans (in order to please her masters).

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