Is Kanye’s Ex Pleading for Him to Leave Kim?

kanye alexis kim get out

Kanye West’s former fiancée Alexis Phifer posted this photo on her Instagram. And many people think it’s a secret message to her ex-boo!

kanye alexis get out


    • That idiot left his long term relationship of six years (including an 18 month engagement) to Alexis Phifer because of that Kardashian succubus. His mother was also looking forward to attending their wedding. She’d be rolling in her grave today seeing how he has become.

      Now he can be seen on Youtube on some Uncle Tom coonery foolery with his face like thunder inside a vehicle holding food on plates whilst other people are eating from it .

      • Him and Kim had been dipping for years, even before his time Amber and Exy fiance

      • Agreed. He’s so farrrrrr gone from the Kanye he first introduced us to. His old self would slap the HELL outta his new, gay self now.

    • Amen to that FU… folk need to understand who these people are playing with… they’re ALL agents of satan.

  1. Kanye please take heed to this message. If you don’t, it is going to end very bad for you.

  2. On a second note, Kanye’s ex is so beautiful. And yet he left her to be with trash like Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian. Pathetic ?

    • Kanye was a nerdy dude. He was pulled in by the video vixen look. Even Jennifer Hudson did the same thing. She left the guy that supported her all those years for a guy from a reality show (yes I know, Harvard, but still).

      It’s like this rock dude said, “I was into her, but I figured there was one of her in every city; but there wasn’t.” He ended up marrying the real girl.

    • If this girl is so great as you claim, why isn’t she Married, instead of talking about a guy who left her years ago?

  3. It’s too little too late for Koonye, he will forever remain in that sunken place.

  4. When I see the picture of Alexis Phifer and Kimmode Hefty bag build-a-booty bitch, I can’t help but here the song “The Choice is Yours” by Black Sheep… You can get with this (real) or you can get with that (fake) Kanye made it clear he chooses whack. Look at kim trying all too hard in that picture while Alexis is just straight chill.

  5. He is little more than a robot controlled by K/J kurse. He should go spend a few weeks with his Mother’s family so his system can be cleansed. Once cleared, he can see the results of the kurse. The two boyfriends of the pregnant sisters, should wonder why they are preg by men they have known such a short time. If they agreed to the pregnancy, then Khloe is foolish, thinking a man who left a mother to be, will be a great father to her kid. CONDOMS Players.

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