Is Blac Chyna Planning a Solo Reality TV Return?

Word on the curb is that, Blac Chyna is planning a reality TV comeback without the Kardashians.

According to Crazy Days and Nights:

“No secret why this A-/B+ list celebrity/reality star chose this particular network for an interview. She wants to land a spot on that seasonal network reality show.”

Answer: Blac Chyna/Dancing With The Stars


  1. The networks are all about money so if they see making some surrounding this domestic mess she will be busy getting her house camera ready before the eviction that is or hell, maybe right thru the eviction. Better ratings!

  2. What she need to do is hook up with Mona triflin haitian ass, get Amber hoez, and a few other build-a-whores and get a love & hip hop type show going. She could probably even get a executive producer credit. People would watch the ratchetness. Fukk a dancing with the stars bitch, that aint a stable check hoe…u need that series money Chyna. Learn from these white build-a-whores. Call Mona bish, she’ll take ur call.

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