Honeymoon Period Over for Angela Simmons & Sutton Tennyson?


    Angela Simmons is getting tired of Sutton’s games and she’s going public with these personal frustrations…. Angela notedly stopped wearing her wedding ring about three weeks ago and today she took to Instagram to vent some more!

    Here’s some of what Angela had to say:

    “If you ever find yourself fake smiling .. walk away … life is too short for fake smiles . And hidden tears … it’s so important to stay around people who keep you uplifted and happy . You have to get to a place where you stop placing the blame . We only get what we allow. If someone is loving you the wrong way … Guess what ? You allowed it . So what in you allowed someone to love you wrong ??? What could keep someone in a situation that just isn’t right ?? The answer is not fully loving yourself the right way. When we love ourselves we take no crap from NOBODY ! Love yourself first ❗️”



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