400 Kilos Of Cocaine Found On The Hilton’s Ranch


As part of a three month long investigation, Costa Rica’s Judicial Investigation Police confiscated roughly 400-kilos of cocaine and $1.5 million from a mystery plane operating out of a private airstrip on the Hilton family owned Rancho Horizonte.

Here’s how Baller Alert broke it down:


“Three Nicaraguans were arrested, one of which was a trusted employee of the HIlton’s who is said to be responsible for the illegal use of their runway. Police are still trying to find the owner of the Cesna.

Both of Paris Hilton’s parents, Kathy and Rick Hilton frequently visit the 6,000 acre property but it’s unclear whether they had any idea it was being used to transport cocaine. For now, they aren’t suspects.”




  1. Yea they guilty it ain’t all hotel money and everybody wanna be a gangsta or hustler, except the ones who have to get it like that smh

      • Supposedly they made their money in bootlegging like the Kennedy’s… there was once a BI bout Paris and how nobody can stand her, but she gets the best coke so she will always be around….they prob hav that coke in their hotels! Ever wonder how Britney,Lindsey got in trouble but not Paris? Coke in her purse, and all she has to say is it’s not hers?! I guess these celebs are drug runners

  2. No surprise! I bet the one busted was the not the major player in this drug Trade! WHo owns the Ranch? Now there is your answer.

  3. She wears sunglasses for reason folks. Always on coke. No doubt they know. But they have $$$ to act naive.

  4. Of course the Hiltons’ r the brains behind this. But they will not serve 1 day in jail. The fall guys have been arrested & the Hiltons’ continues with their lives without missing a beat.

  5. I knew the Hiltons money didn’t just come from those hotels. I bet they won’t help ones arrested get a lawyer, send the people who take the fall a package or if worst comes to worst; put money in their prison acct. smh

  6. I’ll bet if they weren’t who the are, with the resources they have, That whole place would be shut down, and all of them would’ve went to jail. Especially the owners.

  7. Michael Vick went to jail because his house was used for illegal dog fights–
    Well now, that’s why they built a house there–generational wealth is founded by criminals.(often)

    • You are quite correct on that note…
      The same can be said for Kennedy, Chase, Rothchild, Rocafella, Bush…the family names go on & on. Not a single one you can think of has generational money from anything legitimate & honest. All their businesses of today were created from bootlegging, extortion, drug dealing, murder, political corruption & straight out thievery.

      Now we KNOW the Hiltons are drug dealers. We will NEVER hear a word of this ever again.

      • @ Mrs.Reg Have you ever heard of Margie Schoedinger? She’s a blackwoman from Tx.that was rumored to be his mistress of 20 years that later filed Rape charges against Bush while he was president back in 2000 and of course the media suppressed it and nothing came from it.She was later found dead of a apparent gunshot wound to the head and a so-called suicide which we both know is BS.There’s also a female who ran for Gov in Vegas by the name of Leola McConnell who wrote a book about Bush enjoying the Alternative Lifestyle and she also vanished and have not been heard from in years.Moral to the story is the higher Elite can do whatever they want and evade prosecution.

        • I truly believe we are living in the end of days…where all hidden truths will be revealed. Like roaches these people can’t hide forever…..not when the light shines. If anything people like this are afraid of the light….too much dirt and misdeeds. What has been done in the dark will coming to light….yes lord!!!

        • WOW @BA…

          OMG, I don’t know why I’m so surprised at your recall of that debacle. There was a huge “media blackout” on the story, as no one, with the exception of a few local newspapers & internet sites reported the story. Word in certain media reports was that “Mrs. Schoedinger was mentally ill.”
          Will Pitt investigated this long ago & found nothing but a seriously disturbed woman…SUPPOSEDLY!!! The long story made real short is simple…we know the drill:’To suppress the truth simply discredit the person telling the truth by making them look crazy &/or dangerous, then have them murdered by way of “a tragic accidental death, drug overdose or suicide.” This is the same formula we’ve all noticed most recently, however, it’s nothing new by any means.

          “the Defendant also informed the Plaintiff that his only option to assure his never having to answer for the previous contact would be to simply see Plaintiff pressured to the point of committing suicide”

          On Monday September 22, 2003, 38-year-old African-American, Margie Schoedinger was found dead, with an apparent “gunshot wound to the head”. The Harris Country Examiner’s Office filed the death as a “suicide”. Only 9 months after charges are filed, Margie Schoedinger is found dead.

          For those who don’t know or don’t believe Black Anastasia & I’m including a link for your review. Mrs. Schoedinger’s lawsuit can still be viewed on the Fort Bend County site at http://ccweb.co.fort-bend.tx.us/localization/menu.asp – then go down to the bottom and click on civil court. Then type “schoedinger” in the plaintiff box and click search. You should find another lawsuit she filed against Sugar Land police, as well.

          • Correct Ms.Reg Hey,if you can find a photo of Margie please provide a link because I’ve looked everywhere and have had no luck finding any info on her.Margie was no head case she was a professional college educated Republican Blackwoman who owned a Travel Agency and several other businesses.The nerve of these people to try a taint my Sister.

            • @BA…

              I must admit…just like you, I couldn’t find one single image of Margie Schoedinger. It’s as if any visual proof of her physical existence has been completely erased in such a way to lend notion to the idea “there’s no proof without a body” or in this case, not even a mere picture!

              Give me a day or so. This will take time & digging, however, doubt we’ll come up with much due to the fact she was tied to the misdeeds of that vile bastard Bush…Smh!

            • OMG…@Black Anastasia,

              I’m not sure you’ll revisit this conversation but I HAD to share this with you. While looking for a picture of Margie Schlesinger I ran in more things about Leola McConnell. What’s most fascinating to me is how “Leola McConnell’s story actually corroborates Margie Schoedinger’s story of having sex with Bush on several occasions.” I have to admit I did NOT comprehend “rape” from what I read so much as it she attended events where sex was the theme & expectation. This in my opinion does not mean she wasn’t raped at some point in time but from what I gathered..this wasn’t the kind party you go to if you didn’t want to have sex. I also get the impression her husband was somehow involved in all this though he’s not mentioned.

              None of what I just said was what I really wanted to tell you…smh.
              THIS is…(you may already know about it but my mouth was hanging open)

              “Leola McConnell also claims to have firsthand knowledge that Bush had an affair in the mid-1980s with Victor Ashe, the former mayor of Knoxville, Tenn., who has served as the Bush’s ambassador to Poland since 2004.”

            • @ Ms.Reg I agree.I’m assuming that since IRS been rumored that Margie was paid to partake in orgies with Bush and others that does alarm me alittle about her subsequent Rape claims.However I’m thinking she was later either raped or taken advantage of or she perhaps became less compliant and then the harassment started.Nonetheless, I do believe her allegations because she was later being harassed,her husband was fired from his job and her bank accounts were frozen.The fact that she started to be harrassed and put under surveillance after her lawsuit give creedance to her claims.Leola MvConnel also said that Margie was Bush’s mistress for 20 and he had a love/hate relationship with blackwomen.

            • @BA…

              Since you brought Leola McConnell to my attention I’ve been reading my ass off about her. I believe most if not all of her & Margie Schoedinger’s claims about Bush. Did you catch what else Leola McConnell said? I wasn’t sure if you ever heard that…I hadn’t until you mentioned her & started digging.

              “Leola McConnell also claims to have firsthand knowledge that Bush had an affair in the mid-1980s with Victor Ashe, the former mayor of Knoxville, Tenn., who has served as the Bush’s ambassador to Poland since 2004.”

          • @Black Anastasia,

            Returning to our previous conversation.. You mentioned Leola McConnell out of Las Vegas. I did NOT know of this lady, however, I made a quick call to my friend’s dad & “ooh wee honey child” is ALL I can say about what he told me!
            See, he works directly for a particular casino owner in spite of “technically being retired from SFPD.” (He’s a fixer but NEVER will admit to such) To repeat any of what he said would take up way too much space here on HSK so I’m listing a link to the place he says the “story is most accurate.” He also told me Leola McConnell wrote a tell-all book straight up naming names & HUGE details which is partly why she “disappeared from sight.”


            • @ Ms.Reg Also,a guy by the name of James Hatfield wrote a book about Bush called “Fortunate Son” where he alleged Bush was arrested for drugs in the 70’s and had his record expunged with the help of his daddy and several other misdeeds.But of course afterwards he was threatened and later committed suicide supposedly.

  8. Wouldn’t want to be in debt to the cartels though. Let’s hope they can cover the loss.

    • It was while they were tied up trying to process that crime scene, the real load was snuck in right under their noses. 4,000 keys came in. But at least we know why Paris Hilton never gets busted going out to by cocaine, her little errand boy will never ever get caught in a sting cause they drop it on her back porch big the key.

  9. Watch how these White motherf*ckers never serve one day in jail because of this. This corrupt system will let these filthy white devils walk away.

    • That sex tape set her back with the elites (i thought). She used to get Billionaires abd niw gets nobody’s. Maybe the elites dont want to get caught up in trashy Hilton crap. But this story makes me wonder bout Lionel Richie, the Kardashians and OJ. Coke was ever so popular in the 80’s. I bet they had this farm back then. Katy and Rick were known for thier parties

  10. Of Course they know what’s going on.. It’s their property, their plane, their landing strip and they don’t know. Let this have been the Jackson’s or some other famous black family everybody would have been arrested and the details sorted out later. C’mon now.

  11. The Black Market Is The Bigger Economy…Always Has Been! No rules, regulations, taxes, etc. Let’s name the cities? Las Vegas, New Orleans, Miami, Los Angeles, just to name a few. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that The Hiltons had a side hustle in Central America. The Snowman carries weight in Tinseltown. Griselda Blanco… I Think Not!

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