Gabourey ‘Precious’ Sidibe Lost a Ton of Weight & Is Stuntin’ on the Gram!

Gabourey Sidibe weightloss

After learning she had Type 2 diabetes, Gabourey “Precious” Sidibe underwent laparoscopic bariatric surgery in May 2016.

Gabby says they “cut her stomach in half” to limit her hunger and her relationship with food has changed.

Now she’s stuntin’ on the Gram and showing off her new body.

Here’s her before:


And here she is now:

Go ‘head, Gabby!


  1. Big ups to her. I’m glad she’s on the road to health. And she really loves herself which makes it even better.

  2. Her skin looks better too. Everyone that said she needed to lose weight or will get diabetes or worse got attacked. This is the outcome needed. She needs to lose a few more and is on her way.

    • Proud of her too but sadly it usually takes a chronic disease to wake up black women that they are overweight or obese. Like all this being thick is cute and fun until you have a arthiosclerosis or diabetes and thats when they like LAWDY

  3. Happy for her, now he needs to get that excess skin removed.. Her acting didn’t stop because of her weight.. It’s nothing like being healthy and loving yourself.. congratulations to her and willpower..
    I had a friend that was prediabetic 88 was his count.. He gave up smoking weed and the next month he was diabetic and he’s definitely not overweight. Inheritance is the cause, but he’s eating fish, salad and veggies only..

  4. Type 2 diabetes is a real bitch…even though she lost a ton shestill weighs 2 tons and a half…

    People staying in the same area for decades, single moms having multiple children with multiple men who impregnant multiple women… The perfect terrain for inbreeding ! Inbredding leads to a poor gene pool…Bad DNA is the price to pay for such nonchalant behavior…

    Bad DNA is bad DNA there is nothing to do and the best thing to do is NOT having babies…

    I know it sounds a little “nazi-ish” but would you pass on your filthy DNA to some innocent baby and make his/her life a living nightmare ?

  5. For the people that made negative remarks are cowards and insensitive to others feelings.. we should be giving encouraging words and yet instead; you want to say hurtful and negative remarks.. God made us all different.. some of us are going to be smaller because of genetics.. one thing for sure; blood runs in your veins; just like her.. you will have to give in account to how you treat others.. none of us are perfect..

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