Floyd Mayweather & Miss Nikki Baby Go Public

floyd mayweather miss nikki baby

After beefing with his ex, Bad Medina, it looks like Miss Nikki Baby of Love & Hip Hop came out victorious in her fight to win over Floyd Mayweather.

The new couple flirted back and forth on Instagram after Nikki posted this racy photo.



  1. WTF can’t imagine the embarrassment of Nikki baby, the only problem is she has no family member to be embarrassed for her. The family promotes this kind of behavior, they are proud of all the sex thier daughter has with famous men. Not to mention all the plastic sergery that the entire family has had.nikkis mom acts like a monster who’s ls possessed. I smell a reality show In the works, the stench smells bad “the real strip clubs of Los Angeles”

  2. This the same stank ass h oe that said that bullshit to a black person talkin about if we was in her country we would be her slaves? Yea this HER funky looking ass..hope Floyd gut this tramp out and BOUNCE without leaving her with not as much as bus fare. Foh bitch

  3. She ain’t winning shit, but a fat lip to match that fake ass.

    When he puts them hands on her she will wish she would have left his ass alone.

    • She’s probably one of those ‘understanding women’. After she endures the first few knock-out-beat-downs, she’ll start to get used to picking out diamonds, furs and cars and she’ll soon stop caring – if she even cares at all right now. Who would want to be with such a person? Money is not a good enough reason.

  4. All of that money and he still can’t get Miss Jackson! LOL
    It’s amazing how no white man will be seen with hoes like this but some of these black men stay scraping the bottom of the barrel. Do better Floyd.

  5. These mtfs love them fake ass hoe titties and fake asses floyd is the dumbest nigga alive especially since he cant read hes so bad he has to roll with bodyguards everywhere that fools lame

  6. Y she post that pic tho u couldn’t find one where it looked like u had a neck po baby u cute n da face but u ain’t got no real friends I would have hurt yo feelings but at least it would have been the truth

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