Exclusive – Nicki Minaj’s Child Molesting Brother Jelani Heading to Court Tomorrow


    HSK Exclusive – Nicki Minaj’s less talented brother, Jelani Maraj, will appear in court tomorrow, facing molestation charges brought against him for victimizing a young girl.

    Jelani was charged in 2015 with three felonies and one misdemeanor of molestation. According to court documents, Jelani lawyer has filed a motion to suppress evidence.

    Do you think Nicki’s money is being well spent?

    Story still developing….


    1. I hope they fry his creepy lookin’ chomo azz. Fuck child molesters. I hope he gets it in jail, even though payment to white and hispanic inmates may be in order since black inmates don’t hurt child molesters, or so they say.

      • The hell you say black inmates hate pedophiles I knew a white guy who molested a girl and a black guy wooped his ass in jail

        You know Jared fogle is somebody’s bitch in there

    2. Nicki was molested by her dad

      Hollywood is a pedophile paradise ask Bryan singer, woody Allen, charlie sheen , Elvis, jerry Lee Lewis, r Kelly and his defenders and the jacksons as long as they raking in money everybody’s quiet

      Hollywood loves perversion and rapists, and homos, trannies and lesbians as well and they love sex addicts and pristitution

    3. Sometimes I wonder, if pedophilia was not illegal in the U.S. how many men would go after little girls? I ask this question because I had 30+ year old men after me when I was 12, even after I told them my real age! They did not give a fuck!


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