Ex-Bodyguard Exposes Jeezy as a BMF Snitch!

Young Jeezy Exposed BMF Snitch

“He [Jeezy] has a get out of jail card, courtesy of the Feds.”

HSK Exclusive – The recently released convict — who once lent his ‘Big House’ to protect the likes of Jay Z and Big Meech — is calling Jeezy ‘a rat.’

Jeezy was an informant for the FEDs … against me and BMF.

That’s exactly why ‘Big House’ — who once also served as Jeezy’s bodyguard — says “everybody around Jeezy gets in trouble with the law … except him.”

“During the Black Mafia Family trials many witnesses took the stand to testify that they saw Jeezy sell and take possession of cocaine … but he was never charged.”

Here’s the drop:

“Big House is now a bouncer at an Atlanta strip club. He tells anyone who’ll listen that he witnessed Jeezy give a statement to the Feds!

Big House said after a shootout in a Miami club everyone got in trouble except Jeezy. “


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