Evelyn Lozada and Carl Crawford Broke Up?

evelyn lozada carl crawford

Sources are reporting that Evelyn Lozada and Carl Crawford’s engagement is over and the two have broken up.

Evelyn started dating Carl after she divorced Chad Ocho Cinco. She and Carl had a baby, Leo, and Carl proposed to Evelyn with a million dollar engagement ring.

But when the two failed to walk down the aisle, and Evelyn headed back to reality TV to appear on Basketball Wives, many wondered if the two were having problems. Well, if you believe the source, Carl didn’t want to give over half to Ev in a prenup, and she supposedly caught him cheating!

Roommate Talk Posts Are 100 Percent User SUBMITTED And We Cannot Confirm With 100 Percent Certainty The Validity of These Stories. Sip tea wisely. ____________________________________________ Dear Shade Room, I want everyone to know that #EvelynLozada and her "fiancé" #CarlCrawford are not together anymore and have been separated for a while. As y'all know, he proposed on Christmas Day back in 2013 and they were supposed to get married the following year on. So what happened? _____________________________________________ Well, Carl wasn't trying to sign their pre-nup after realizing that he would have to fork over half of his cash if the marriage failed! He called off the wedding and since, they have slowly started to spend less time together even though things seem all Gucci. ____________________________________________ This past year alone, Carl flew his family on a private jet to Vegas just before Father's Day and spent time with his family in Houston for July 4th weekend as well as his birthday this past Saturday. Evelyn was nowhere in sight! She has also gone on vacations recently with her family without Carl. ____________________________________________ The last time they were seen together was– (Read more at TheShadeRoom.Com!) ?: @gettyimages

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Crawl Crawford’s family went public with this message after he got fired:

“My family and I have been trying to warn Carl for years about Black Widow Evelyn!! Between helping Antoine go broke after his one-hundred million dollar salary, ruining Chad’s career and now with Carl’s career over…this woman is TOXIC!!! We knew this would happen, which is why he hasn’t married her yet, not to mention she asked for a ridiculous amount on the pre-nup! Carl isn’t crazy, he stopped that wedding right away. They were supposed to get married December 2014 but that didn’t happen because of that pre-nup!

Evelyn is hungry for money! Trying to keep up appearances and her lifestyle. This would have never happened to our cousin if this THOTTY GOLD DIGGERY WITCH hadn’t gotten her claws into him. And, she keeps pressing him to have another baby! And the only reason why she wants another baby is so she can give him two children like Amy did! And we also know that she needs a storyline for that BORING show! Carl isn’t even affectionate with her. Baseball is his life and now its gone because of this raggedy woman. All she is doing is teaching her daughter how to be a gold digger too! WE ALL KNOW THAT YOU WERE WITH BABY FROM CASH MONEY BEFORE CARL EVELYN! And as soon as she got with Carl, she dropped Baby and told him to stop giving her money. SMH.

The worst part is she only got with him for a check because she has been telling friends for years that he isn’t attractive in the face. I’m so pissed that she would do our cousin like this! Carl will get back with Amy, he has told us! EVELYN IS EVIL…SHE HAS NOT CHANGED and she has everyone fooled, but we think people can see right through her because her show ratings suck! No one is watching! FAKE ASS.”


  1. No surprise. Jumping into relationships is not healthy especially after Vanzafter fixed that life.

    • Anytime u see her u should assume shit ain’t gonna work out for her ! For the love of money

  2. She’ll get him for child support. Negros love running to gold digging, Hispanic and white hoes like this. That’s why some of them stay losing. I don’t feel sorry for none of them.

  3. did jackie or tami really wrote that? ijs evelyn is no loser but they stay pressed. just stating the obvious.


      • well Ev is doing a good job pretending she isn’t affected and that things haven’t changed.

  4. i dont know makes her think that shes the only preety bitch with a pussy that can trick rich niggas into having babies. from what ive read Evelyn Lozada trifling ass was pregnant at the same dam time as the first baby mama. Carl must have under some type of spell or something by even getting involve with this evil bitch . Just look at the way she treats people.
    she manly targets black mean because most of them are color struck. That is a different story ….Any way from what i saw on Living lazada….she wants to have another baby from this carl dude. From what i see he’s african american with a good upbringing. I didnt see a bunch of loosers instead they own a bbq resturant etc, very nice ppl.
    Bottom line eviline. THis man isnt stupid neither is the people he’s related to so stop whille you are ahead….he just being a man…yes you are preetybut guess what you are in your fucking 40’s …he willl never marry you so please stop lol get your child support money and keep itmoving

  5. Jacky reported about this & what was to come either a year or two ago (when it was a diary of a hollywood street king). The article stated, carl’s ex finance said eveyln’s cousin or whoever is some sort of santaria witch; this is why evelyn is able to get the dudes she gets; & when all is said/done, i.e. relationship ends, the dude end’s up either broke, or isn’t employed anymore. I think evelyn was supposed to have tried to separate carl from his previous children & their mother. Anyway, this was going to happen eventually. Well she got 18yrs of child support coming.

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