Ed Hartwell Seeking Joint Custody of Daughter with Keshia Knight Pulliam

Keshia Knight Pulliam and Ed Hartwell have had a rocky relationship since he filed for divorce last year after only a few months after being married.

Things became rockier when he denied their unborn child. Earlier this year he admitted to being the child’s father after the results from a paternity test proved so.

Now Hartwell is looking to have joint custody of his baby girl.

According to TMZ, legal documents reportedly state that Pulliam does not want Hartwell anywhere near their 2-month old baby girl. Especially since she reportedly claimed that he tried to plot a miscarriage during her pregnancy, something that Hartwell denies.

Hartwell has filed new documents in his divorce case from Pulliam, seeking joint custody, and he even submitted a letter from his ex-wife Lisa Wu on his behalf.

In the letter, Wu reportedly says, “I am never worried about my child when he is with his dad, I know his dad will do everything within his power to love, protect and provide for EJ while he is not with me.”

The letter continues to say, “I am positive that [Hartwell] will put his daughter’s best interest first as he has shown with my children.”

Hartwell also states that he is more than willing to pay child support.


  1. Money grab.

    If the mama was a nobody from the hood he would e running with his hair on fire.

  2. The man told her and her child to go to hell. He knew he was a monster. Should have kept quiet and moved on with her life. But no, she wanted to get hers in. Now she wants to deny Ed his rightful claim. It’s one mistake after another with this woman. Here is a man that wanted that child dead, denied the child when she was born, and now want to bring the child home with him where are hostile people waiting. Should have moved on from all that Keshia. She should make a deal with Ed. Walk away, leave me and my kid alone, don’t want or need your money. That’s her only play OR, share the kid.

    • Amazes me the lengths black people will go to defend black men who want to avoid child support. No other race of men gets this kind of support in this department. None.

  3. KKP bit really low for a hubby and daddy. This NiccaNe’erDoWell just wants to keep his gym that she bought and wants mo money for child support. The streets are talking about it. And Li Wu wants some of that Coz show money for her kids that Ed has been deadbeat about. Mercy, this whole situation is a mess. Close your legs to deadbeat azzhole, ladies.

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