Orlando Scandrick May Not Be Father Of Draya’s Baby

draya michele pregnant

Hold up, that baby in Draya Michele’s belly might not be Orlando Scandrick’s after all.

Draya basically took out the equivalent of a full-page ad in People magazine to alert the world to her pregnancy that she says is her and Orlando’s.   The thing is, her on-again-off-again boo hasn’t said word one about the kid being his.

draya scandrick baby 3

While she has been promoting her baby like it’s a new mixtape she dropped, Scandrick hasn’t come forward and taken ownership of the kid.

draya scandrick baby 2


She has been seen posting on Instagram without her engagement ring (maybe she threw it away during one of their fights, or he confiscated it – it’s tough to keep track), which could be an indicator of where their relationship is currently at.

Plus, there’s been some rumors that Draya was hooking up with Jas Prince around the time she conceived the child.  This is the most we’ve heard from Orlando about the pregnancy.

draya scandrick baby


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  2. It's possible she doesn't know who is the daddy and when she found out she was pregnant, she ran after Orlando (the richest and safest bet) for a one nighter and establishing him as the daddy. What does this woman do for a living anyway. Time to abandon that life, get a real job, and worry about your kids.

    • She has a swimsuit line, a clothing line, she gets paid well to host parties & she was getting a reality tv check. She literally gets paid to be pretty.

      • With that big ass head no way…..!
        Remember when big headed chicks were cute n shy a safe bet !
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        • Lol!! Don't forget the weird, long neck. Actress Morena B. Has that same neck and small face.

  3. Draya isn't smart. She can fake like she is living some lifestyle that is greater than the next person, but she isn't. Lease a car, live with a nigga, pretend to design bathing suits, get run off of a reality show – rinse and repeat. People don't like her. People don't like her because she is a ho. Had the bitch just owned up to being the ho she is, no one would've sweated her. But when she proclaimed a ho can "delete [her] ho-ness," it was a wrap. She can't undo anything she has done. She will still be a bop who looks like Ratatouille. The only thing going for her is her body, and that's fake. You know you aren't shit when you attempt to counsel a Taz's Angel who defected from the group and she didn't want to hear what you had to say. Lol

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