Dr. Dre vs. Death Row Records

Now that Suge Knight is no longer in the mix, and the Canadians have taken over a record company known for its gangsta rap, Dr. Dre has declared war.

Dre is suing the new Death Row Records for at least $75,000. That’s because the rap producer says he hasn’t collected a penny from “The Chronic” album, for 14-years.

The G-Funk master has formally filed a lawsuit against what’s now known as WIDEawake Death Row, which is now based out of Toronto, Canada.

Only a silly person would buy the rights to the G-Funk era. Know why? Because no one in America would touch what’s so 90’s mane!

I thought Dre signed off his rights to his catalog on Death Row. He once had all the rights to buy it back when the Death Row catalog was on the auction block. Why didn’t Dre buy it, if he’s so concerned? I guess he and others were waiting for a sucka to buy it so they can all come out of the woodwork and sue their ass. Don’t you agree?