DJ Clue’s 16 Year-old Daughter Pulls a Bobby Kris


HSK Exclusive – DJ Clue’s underage daughter Bryana, post pictures of herself smoking weed on her instagram.

Here’s pictures of 16 year old Bryana getting lifted:



  1. I wonder if she listens to his “Gangsta Grillz” mix tap series while she big Chiefin.

    • Cute. LOL.

      Side note: I can’t WAIT for Blue Ivy and North West to grow up. IJS.

      • Speaking of blue and north. Their daddies just signed on to produce chris rocks new movie. Quest love doin soundtrack.

      • Blue Ivy is going to be a good little girl. I am honestly falling in love with her and her personality, despite her being her father’s facial twin. OMG! It is hard looking at a baby girl version of Jay-Z, but she is a sweetie pie.

        Now that little North West girl already has her father’s scowl down. I see Kim is doubling her diapers, as to accentuate her little baby buns. When I saw NW in jeans that were sliced in the front, I immediately fell to my knees and asked God to protect her. She is being treated like a little accessory, not like the precious, innocent child she is. I just pray she doesn’t grow up to be a lesbian or a porn star.

  2. she’s nothing special looks wises. why do these girls feel the need to post sexy picture of themselves……to seek approvel from their peers

  3. 16.. The age where girls and boys start as my grandma used to say “smelling themselves”.

    • @ Sher Truth be told, they start “Smelling their lil asses, long before many of them turn 16.

  4. Not a drug user of any kind, myself and I don’t view weed smoking in the same way that I view other drugs, like crack, but is weed the drug that some call “the gateway” drug, meaning it could lead a person to began using and wanting harder drugs? I’d hate to see this pretty young lady toothless with a Meth face.

  5. Too much freaking time on her hands. Go read a book, do ur homework, do some volunteer work.

    In the words of Judge Judy ” looks fade but dumb is 4ever”.

  6. Pass The Koutchie Pon Da Left Hand Side… The Mighty Diamonds! She gettin’ toasted, her body lifted out of bed like a hot air balloon. Daddy blaze up, that’s where she get it from. Weed is embedded in the culture, My Pops blazed in front of me just the same. It could get worse,, weed is a training-wheel for the real real… Godzilla Flames! Let us pray she avoids that fate.

  7. That is not that man’s daughter. OMG! She’s not 16 and not the girl in these photos. Why would you put something so negative and untrue out there like this. You guys should be ashamed of yourself.

  8. She is too pretty for all that nonsense, DJ clue come get your baby before some nigga does..shameful as hell

  9. That’s not his daughter. His daughter is older than 16. Her name is green eyes beauty on ig or something. This is terrible and not true

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