Diddy Calls ‘Black Panther’ a ‘Cruel Experiment’


    diddy black panther

    Diddy spoke with Variety and gave his thoughts about 2018’s blockbuster hit, Black Panther.

    “‘Black Panther’ was a cruel experiment because we live in 2018, and it’s the first time that the film industry gave us a fair playing field on a worldwide blockbuster, and the hundreds of millions it takes to make it.” – Diddy

    Do you agree?


      • It was a slap in the face to black America when the American hero sent a message that we all should commit suicide, in spite of the face that black America is better off than most Africans in the world

    1. “We” “Us” ??? “They” have never gave a damn about us. “They” made a killing off of “us” at the box office because “we” were the ones who flooded the theaters and record numbers to see it.

      So shut your pie hole like you give a damn all of a sudden…fake “for the people” wanna be ass.

      Sit down, grab a shot of ciroc, call Vanna, buy a vowel, get you a clue, to find you a life cuz your “Black” card has been rejected…


      Dont believe me??? Ask fiddy sense…

      • They didn’t make a killing off of “us” at the box office and “us” didn’t go see the movie at record levels. We didn’t go see the movie no more that we went to see New Jack City. This movie did big numbers because it was backed by Marvel Studios. That meant that it had the promotion and was in every movie theater worldwide. It was simply a part of the Marvel series, and right before the much anticipated Infinity Wars. This movie, much like all MCU movies, made millions overseas. Now “us” coming out was great, but let’s not pretend that we made this movie. The MCU has a following of us own, minus “us”. If “us” was that powerful, why didn’t we make the Nat Turner movie a smashing success? This was unlike most Black movies, which don’t even make it to all movie in the States. But this was a Marvel movie, with Black characters. Let’s not get carried away here.

        • Nat Turner wasn’t a success, because nate parker’s raping background came up. Yeah he was cleared, but that girl killed herself.

          Just because marvel has their own fan base, don’t get life twisted…OUR purchasing power is huge,if we had any REAL leaders we could stall a whole lot of shit in this country…don’t forget we were able to stop segregation based on not using buses…not saying everything that came from the civil rights movement helped us, but WE DO have POWER when it comes to OUR $$$.

          • Ok, let’s forget about Nat Turner. Why aren’t other Black movies grossing big numbers? 14 out of 17 MCU films have grossed over $500M. They have a formula, marketing and a good product. Black Panther was a success because it was in the MCU. Of course, we added added to the bottom line, as we always do. But let’s not get it twisted and think only Black people made the movie a success. Black Panther is the Batman of Marvel comics and had a huge audience prior to some of us even knowing he was a character.

            • Why are you worried about movies?…fuck that satanic industry.

              We need to be investing in ourselves and our community.

            • Also know when we do show up in numbers they skew them…there are people who purchase tix for one movie, but are given tix to a different movie, just so the profits aren’t given to the correct film.

              Remember who controls this shit and know they never play fair.

              • Can’t have it both ways. You can’t claim you made Black Panther (unskewed) but the failures are do to skewed numbers. And obviously you care about movies since you are on this message board commenting about them.

                • I didn’t claim shit…learn how to read.

                  I comment on a range of things…What I am doing is dispelling the BS you are saying.

              • Yes. This is a claim. Typical person who wants to pretend to be smart but when confronted, resort to calling names like a child. Grow up and perhaps learn to communicate. In case you didn’t know, this was a section about a movie, so most comments should be about what the article is about, correct. I don’t buy your bs.

                • I am Smart, unlike YOU.

                  You are Stupid and your comments are BS.

                  My comments are pointing out just how Stupid you are, so don’t be mad, Dummy.

              • And for the record, I know when live in the comment generation which gives us an avenue to express our opinions…but just because you have an opinion don’t mean that you are qualified to give it. For example, if I wanted an opinion on what’s wrong with my refrigerator, I probably should ask a refrigerator repair man and not some bum on the street. I am sure the bum may have an opinion and will share but 9 times out of 10, it may be incorrect.

                So just because you comment on several things don’t make you qualified or intelligent. You just have an avenue to express your stupidity. Final response.

                • You damn sure aren’t qualified to say the Dumb Shit you did.

                  Try to make some Fucking sense next time…Short Bus Rider.

                  What you need to do is Get a life…who is writing comments at 10pm on a Saturday night?

                  Losers never prosper.

        • Well “I” was being facetious by spinning his words because he doesn’t care about “us” he is just a hype man for products he doesn’t even own with his let me jump on your video ass. Ain’t nobody getting carried away, the numbers speak for themselves. And I dont no where you live but in my hood erbody and they grandmammy went lol.

          I hate comic books, I’m using the word hate here…my brothers tore up my dolls and I tore up the prized comic books. The only comic book character that I liked was Storm and hollyhacks couldn’t even let a dark skinned actress play that role so um done ✔ with comics!!!

          I just pulled the first thing that came up on google and will agree to disagree.


    2. What I wish is we stop trying to fit into this culture.

      We are NOT what they keep trying to tell us we are.

      The so-called Black American in black panther was the villain. He was angry, vile and trying to destroy the “afriKKKants”…you know why?

      Because WE are NOT them!!!

      WE are Yahveh’s Chosen, why do you think everything about who we are was beaten out of us and erased from the history books?

      You all need to wake up, learn the truth and stop believing everything you are fed.

    3. I am ashamed of those old American negros in the movie who should have turned down the part. Black Americans image has been seriously tarnished because of their greed.

      • Says the person that just contradicted their own post, by calling the black actors “old American negros” then… saying Black Americans image is seriously tarnished.

        Yes…. you are contributing to the tarnish, with your own hate speech.

        • Hate? Blacks marched and died because of negative on screen images.

          If you can’t think of an intelligent comment SHUT Up. Bassett and the other old heads know they shouldn’t have taken those roles.

    4. Two things I know, One the Disney corporation is racist. Two black people all over the world gave Disney one billion dollars when we all saw the Black Panther movie.

      • I didn’t go see it NBAIF, I don’t need no white folks “Black” super hero to tell me anything about what me and my ancestors already experienced…um good, they tried it tho.

        • Same here @ Black Emga wonders if I’m the only black person who hasn’t seen empire or fif tv show(forgot the name)or any current black tv shows for that matter,i did read mark curry book on PD “Dancing With the Devil” only 5$ on kindle

          • @ ItDontMatter
            I have seen the previews for both shows but never watched one episode.

            Tyler and nem woman haters gets nothing but dust from me. I have nothing against what people do and with whom in their private life but dont throw females under the bus because you are not attracted to them. Why do their female characters always have be hoes, psychotic, drug addicts, or have a home in Virginia??? (yeah I stole that from a poster on here lol)
            Cant a independent “Black” film director/producer have the moxie or balls to show a “Black Female” in a positive light???

            Fuck a fictional character…make a movie about the “Black”Queen of Sheba
            Go on…I dare ya!!!
            ItDontMatter, they dont here me tho…
            (shakes head, shoves hands in pockets and walks away with head down…)

    5. If black people didn’t take the roles that hollywood set aside for them…….they would get white people to play the roles in black face like they did so many years ago……I.e. birth of a nation.


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