Did Queen Bey Kill Kelly’s ‘Good Game’?

Beyonce vs. Kelly Rowland

As word of Kelly Rowland — being dropped from Universal Republic — continues to spread, one insider is wondering: “If Beyonce may have called in a favor at the record label.” Know why? Reports reveal.. Roland “is no longer listed on Universal Republic’s roster.”

Neither Rowland, nor Universal Records, have yet to address the news, but Rowland’s ‘Talk a Good Game’ has been dubbed a flop. Sources say “the album sold just 215,000 copies worldwide.”

Here’s the latest:

“There were plans to re-release the album with some additional tracks, but that has yet to be announced. It’s not clear if that idea will even happen if the rumors of the singers cut from Universal are true.”


  1. Hey Kelly! Guess what! Your evil half sister hates you,and is gonna do anything in her power to stop your shine.

    • Not just hate, she scared shes too good she will outshine her!! Kelly is a better singer and waaay more likeable than her, and she looks younger than her. I still love ‘Dilemna” like it came out yesterday!!

      Seems like Bey learnt from her dad on using people. So sad how she used the other Dc girls while it was known all along she was the intended destiny child, the others were just orphans of destiny!! Sad but true.

      • While 90% of us here agree that Beyonce has become tres’ rachet, there is no denying that she radiates a sex appeal which resonates with the public. Kelly is adorable and approachable, but she is lacking in the “it” factor which is a prerequisite for pop stardom. But I do wish her well and I believe she can find her niche.

        • At least Bey did Give kelly some help, but what has the dirty bish kelly done for the other members of DC? Kelly is a bigger a-hole than bey. Let her pull herself up like Latoya had to do with no help.

        • I think you have it switched. Bey is the sexy for black men, where as Kelly has that cute Halley Berry uniqueness that appeals to black, white etc. Why do you think Bey always has blonde hair, hung out with Gwyneth Paltrow and such. Kelly is just a black woman who many races of woman can relate too, Bey plays the strong, powerful black woman card that puts her more into a box, thats why shes queen. If it wasnt for Beyonce there would be more black woman singers and all diff like white women, Miley, Taylor, Adele etc. …

      • lol yep that is what beyonce who has sold millions of records is scared of…you figured it all out…lmao..I just cant

    • “the album sold just 215,000 copies worldwide.”
      ENOUH SAID….lmao

      Perhaps you should have bought at least one copy

  2. Why would Bey want to get Kelly dropped from her label? Not buying this one.

    • Why would beyonce force all of the destiny child members NOT to use that name when she went solo? The Destiny Child brand was known world wide. Using that name would have allowed all the x members to make a good living for years. Beyonce is a very evil selfish person. I hope Bill O’reilly and the conservaties bring her to her knees.

      • If kelly had the upper hand she’d use it like dirty selfish bish beyonce. they’re both evil and dirty

        • At least kelly rowland had it much better than letoya and the other destiny child members. When she is basking in the glory of Bey’s good graces she doesn’t give a care about the others. She needs to work her way up the hard way, like poor Letoya had to do. If she truly has any talent she wont have a problem, but if you cant sell but 250,000 WORLDWIDE with lil wayne on the record YOU SUCK kelly azz hole rowland

      • Its business that’s why. If you worked on something put money Into it, named it, and then shopped it around. You too wouldn’t let someone else take claim to your creation. So how is beyonce shady? For one beyonce was not in control of destiny child, her parents was. Which is why she went solo. Beyonce is not the blame for everyone’s career downfall

      • Joyce:

        Because Beyonce is an egomaniac. She took a queue from Prince Rogers Nelson. His SOS pad headed ass had the audacity to take The Family’s song “Mutiny” and perform it on Arsenio. The Family can’t perform under their name because HE owns it. They can’t perform their own songs, nor will he re-release their self titled debut. Makes no sense.

  3. I guess it never occurred to anyone that Kelly’s albums are just not selling. I wouldn’t put much past Beyonce, but there does not seem to be much of a market for Kelly Rowland records.

    • In all Kelly needs to make more palatable songs because most of them with the exception of 1or2 songs, have been very sub par. I believe in her,but she has to deliver more than just one good single per album,if she expects to last and be taken seriously.

    • Naw it is just easier to blame beyonce…..TRUST after only selling 200,000 copies it does not take a fool to figure out that not only did Beyonce NOT cause Kelly’s record label to drop her BUT I doubt that Beyonce could even save her after those poor sells…people hate for beyonce has got them going MAD and not using common sense

      • Judy:

        Not trivializing your contribution, but the industry is so much more than so-called fans buying albums. It is smoke and mirrors central. I’ve witnessed artists in record stores purchasing copies of their own albums.

        I don’t personally know anyone who has purchased a Beyonce album. But her record sales are in the millions. I’ve heard of labels buying albums to generate press and buzz for artists. The same way someone’s album sales can be falsely boosted, I believe they can be suppressed. Not saying Kelly is the greatest artist, but her sales should exceed 200k copies esp with a #1 single.

        • The lable is definitely not losing money on Kelly’s record because 200k in sales at Retail $10.00 a CD is surpasses 2Million dollars.If anything Kelly Lost.

  4. WOW..poor little Kelly…This chick can’t catch a break? Perhaps Bey needs to spread some of that wealth to help her 1/2 sister out..

  5. Yall surprised? I ain’t cuz it follows a familiar pattern w this chick. Always had to be front and center in Destiny Child. Made sure any other highly attractive female of similar complexion got booted out. I think she’s into holding her sisters back, at least she ain’t trying to help them break through. She sho never helped solange do anything but a hair color ad. Wouldn’t shock me if she was actively trying to sabotage Kelly. She’s that type a chick.oh well

    • Solange wrote majority of Kellys first album.Most are unaware of this fact.Homegirl has turned down help as well as features from big sister Bey.

          • No quoting of the bible and no edomites or hamites etc. It was just a straight forward post.

            • ROTFL. Those mentions follow me off of HSK. Whenever I see a dark skinned person, my first thought now is “Hamite.” MAKE IT STOP!!! LOL

            • So quoting the bible and referring to beings on this earth as they are (from the tribe in which they originate) makes one’s sentences incoherent? Do you even know what the word coherent means?! O_o

    • Anon:

      You tell no tales. When DC first cane out, the guys I knew always spoke of Latavia being the sexy one and Letoya being the prettiest one. They thought Kelly was cute. No one gave Bleachedonce the time of day.

      The DC divide shone its uglass head around the time that Case’s “Happily Ever After” video dropped. That’s when I knew that Deadbeat Daddy and Creole Tina were trying to separate Bleachedonce from the rest of the group. Fast FWD…

    • kelly rowland is a less than mediocre loser who needs to stop wasting up precious air time.

  6. Beyonce is a jealous hoodrat dumb bitch who can’t stand competition.rememba how she made songs dissing rihanna jx cuz riri was getting all da attention?she needs to relocate to venus or pluto so am so TIRED her and her camel husband.

      • She could have a hoodrat mentality and attitude. No amount of growing up rich, disguised she was a grade A bitch and egotist to her DC bandmates.

        • I’m truly convinced that Beyonce was totally threatened by Farrah Franklin and for them to ask her to Tan her skin was absolutely disrespectful. I can see why she quit DC.

    • A beyonce fake story will bring out the trolls in massive amounts so IF I was running a gossip site I would stay posting fake and non relevant beyonce stories to build up my traffic

  7. Beyonce is listening to the tune of the piper now but I can’t wait until he comes for his pay because if you listen to his tune he expects to be compensated and I can not wait the devil is a lier and thief and all ways been one

  8. like I said earlier I’m not buying it. Anything is possible but I tend to use logic over my emotions as a rule.

  9. Music Bizness Is Feast or Famine. Motivation dropped, Kelly was all over everything. One hit single is not a guarantee of future success. I like Kelly, but Bey is the only Sista that’s poppin’ right now…Where Are The Others? Jennifer Hudson, Jazmine Sullivan, Debra Cox, etc.

    • Jay-Z and Beyonce obviously made their deals with the devil (Jhews) to be the top in each field and that means taking down whoever. Why do you think they STILL get the awards, on the shows and are always talked about?

      • @Josh

        The 1 Sista Rule Is Always In Effect. The Jhews that run Hollyweird don’t apply this rule to blackmen, Why? It’s much easier to pacify blackmen with bulls**t…sex, drugs, whitewomen, etc.

  10. So because the “General Public” has never really been interested in Kelly’s solo career,it’s Beywolf’s fault? Nope not buying this story.
    Beywolf is on Columbia/Sony and that company has nothing to do with Republic/universal,so how exactly did honey flea get Kelly horse-face dropped?

    For real though, people can’t let shit go, the whole Destiny’s Child thing was over a decade ago.They have been solo for like what? 12 years? If Kelly was going to be huge and a star,she would’ve stayed there after Dilemma or even after Motivation. Kelly just isn’t solo material.

    Kelly,and Michelle would’ve been better off pulling a Supremes move and just hiring a new lead singer after the Diana/Tina hybrid left. Then again they both released solo stuff first.

    • They couldn’t do that cuz Beyowulf claimed ownership of the Destinys Child name.

      • Well you know it’s(Beywolf)mother does “Claim” she came up with the name so technically it’s The Joker’s(Tina Knowles)

        • Tina Gnomes said she was looking in a Bible and saw a scripture referring to a “child of destiny.” Sad part is, she likely hasn’t opened a Bible since.

          We know Beyawnce hasn’t. Its funny how money changes situations…

  11. For some reason the media always tried to pit these 2 beautiful black women against each other. They even try to compare bey and her own sis. Why do you think that is? use your critical thinking skills ppl!

    • The fact is Beyonce and Michelle appeared on Kellys album. It not selling well is alsi partly a reflection of beys selling power. Why woyld bey sabotage an album she appeared on? Only intelligent replues please. Insults are for grade schoolers lol

  12. It’s not Beyoncé’s responsibility to carry Kelly Rowland musically OR professionally.

    • True, but Beyonce doesn’t need to salt anyone up, either in order to be successful. If she is so confident in her “talent,” she can perform sans charades and stop trying to f!ck with other people’s careers and income. Slowly but surely, the lost DC members are resurfacing. I can’t wait to see Latavia on R&B Divas Atlanta. I’m glad her life is coming full circle. Farrah is next!

  13. Kelly needs to Reinvent the same sounds she used on her first album which catapulted her to 2million plus in sales because she flopped every time since than.Distancing her self from Yonce won’t hurt either.

  14. Kelly is doing the wrong genre of music.R&B is not her strong suit. If she stay alternative Pop she’d succeed.That’s already been proven.

  15. BA you are SO right. Her voice and style is much more suited for pop.

    You would think that her advisers at her label would do a better of of guiding her career.

    • Agreed Sis,Kelly is bigger than BJork in Europe and if she’d continue to cater to the Pop Sound her career would reach Stratospheric heights.

      • You raised a magnificent point, BA. A friend of mine told me years ago that pop and dance music are the way to go. People forget that there are 6 other continents and hundreds of countries where people can achieve fame and wealth without having to play the games the industry requires here. You need to manage Kelly! Lol

        • Ha.Ha.What is Kelly thinking about?She sees Beyonce is doing Pop music with a Ratchet Twist yo it.Perhaps she should follow suit because that’s where the big money and longevity is at.

          • Kelly isn’t that type of woman or artist. Michelle is the church girl, so she does gospel. Beyonce is superficial and shallow, so her music reflects her brainlessness. Kelly wants to do substantive work because she actually uses her brain. Kelly is a little minx, but I don’t blame her for not wanting to project a Fleayonce-esque image.

            • Yes,Yeast Once is a Major heist woman of everyone’s style and swagger.Ask Kylie Minogue

  16. Could it be that Kelly Rowland’s single “Motivation” was soooo hot. I always thought that’s why Bey tried to bring it hood on Drunk in Love. It is very true that she’s jealous of any female R&B singer. I heard “Crazy In Love” was suppose to be for Amerie and Jay-z went behind Amerie’s back and gave it to Beyonce.

    • Amerie some years back accused Yoncitis of stealing the song”Green Light” from her as well.So,I’m not surprised at all.

      • Amerie had a signature sound with Richcraft that Beystealing jacked. Because she steals EVERYTHING. She steals songs, choreography, hair, babies, swagger — everything but the ability to be articulate.

  17. Actually, Scorpiess, BA’s posts are usually quite informative and interesting until he gets on his Hebrew tip.

  18. Kelly Rowland’s issue was listening to delusional management and thinking she is a good Rnb artist. I believe Kelly’s biggest song outside of Dilemma is her EDM stuff she did with David Guetta. She could have really built on that, and focused her attention on killing it in Europe. Maybe get some tracks off Calvin Harris. She was more than on her way when she did UK X Factor. She was getting a lot of shine off that. Unfortunately I think her heart wasn’t in it, because of course the UK is small fry next to U.S. But look what happened, she get picked to do U.S X Factor, the show is total flopsville and now the show has been cancelled. Poor Kelly loses another pay check.

    She is a talented and pretty woman. It boggles my mind that she can’t seem to get it together career wise.

  19. At this point in Kellys career she can I’ll afford any more misfires.She’s going to either right the Ship or she’s going to vanish from the Spotlight all together. Time is no longer on her side.

    • please let her vanish. no hit records, no acting ability, no good dance moves = reality TV but even that wont work for her because she is determined to pretend to b a high class lady when she is really just a hood bish with low self esteem and no man who tries to ride other coattails

    • Isaiah 3:16-24 Tell you that the Israelite(so-called AA) woman would be stripped of her hair because of her rebellion to the most high.That’s the reason most if not all of our women wear weave.

  20. The Devil has his own rules and those that play must abide by these rules. Some get arrogant and think they are above these rules or are just ignorant to the objectives of the Devil.

  21. I’m surprised that baphomet Beyonce hasn’t made Kelly her blood sacrifice!

  22. Kelly’s problem is she CONSTANTLY looks for validation to breathe from that:evil, demonic,succubus-slut from hell central! She needs to rid herself(&her space)of that cancer. Its comical that anyone that has a sensible consensus of the abyss it&its handler(husband) have created in the past few years are”haters”. No we are SEERS! A generation in the grips of Stockholm Syndrome at its worse with this IT!

  23. Yeah… Andre Williams was right about “Queen Bey” Eastern Star in this song…


    It’s like Nancy Reagan commercials on dope in the 80’s with these Big Label MK demon possessed fakes…

    Just say…


    Boycott those fraud motherf*ckers.

  24. agree w/ moonlights comment and there is an obvious pattern of the treatment of the destiny’s child’s members whether the first incarnation or the second or the third. Farrah was asked to tan and color her hair to fill the void left by latavia.(stated in print/video interviews) letoya IMHO released a first solo album w/ legit singles but their were rumors that it wasn’t pushed/promoted/raidio airplay due to Seabiscuit’s ties corporately & her former manager (dad). Kellys personality to a tee fits what moonlight says she lacks self confidence and should have severed ties with the Knowles when latavia/letoya did, as well as taken legal action against seabiscuts dad like latavia/letoya did.

    • Thank you. People who CHOOSE to be observant notice what IT&its affiliates TRULY are–agents of the damned or dark! I’m a student of r&b/hip-hop culture, so seeing what has become of this beautiful tapestry in the last 12 to 13yrs is distressing! I also agreed with you that the original DC (&the latter)were mere stepping stones in the diabolical pursuits of this LILLITH HARLOT! Payola&other tactics have aided:IT(its name is vomit to me)Its handler(husband),Kanye&his Calabasas toliet bowel are EVERY bit the agents I’ve illustrated. I have hope that true talent of LIGHT&LOVE will REIGN in fullness again!

      • thank you moonlight for letting me know other people out there understand the very corporate very payola ran music industry. The word “artist” is thrown around wayyyyyy too loosely now a days. People that can’t sing w/o studio magic, can’t play an instrument, can’t write a basic song even if the words or structure of the song are super basic and uses conventional mainstream/pop formulas. People that can’t dance (I don’t count grinding or pretending ones a stripper as having dancing ability)
        I think Jessica Simpson and Seabiscut are very similar. Seabiscut just had bigger money/machine behind her. But both have ethicless dad’s as managers, both are hypocrites in words/actions, both are lucky they have a look mainstream wants to push otherwise both are unintelligent, non writing, non instrument playing, non dancing attentionwhoring mainstream so called “artists”

  25. You better preach this good gospel on this glorious day, Ms. Pebbles! The congregation is sound asleep!

  26. Those Family Dollar looking ass wigs, though. Jacky is a cold piece for using that photo. Bitchonce purportedly has a $1 million wig crypt, but she stays leaving home looking like $1.23.

    There is no need to wonder why BIC’s head looks like a Brillo pad. That baby isn’t tender headed. Her “mother” is just lazy and too narcissistic to attend to BIC’s needs.

  27. Kelly needs to work on acting as her craft and hook up with Tyler Perry or Shonda grimes(scandal) or Mara Akil and get her a spot on a show or movie I would watch her.

  28. I doubt this for the simple fact that, if Beyonce is as powerful as people have been making her out to be for years, then why wasn’t The Game dropped from his label or blackballed for all the shit he was talking about Beyonce not being a prize and being ran through by a bunch of NBA players in his Jay-Z diss song ‘I’m Wavy?’


    While I wouldn’t doubt she has some power/clout in the Industry and is as underhanded, egotistic, insecure, and money-hungry as has been said, it’s incidents like this make it clear that her father was the one who was sabotaging other artists’ careers just so she could shine.

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