Did Bill Clinton Pick-Up The Check For Cristina Wathen’s New Rack?


HSK Exclusive – The woman previously exposed as President Bill Clinton’s personal prostitute is flaunting her new boob job. Now, insiders are wondering if the former Commander-in-Chief paid for ’em.

This news comes after Cristina Warthen — a law school grad turned call girl — recently took to social media to post a pic of her new pair.

Is a sex tape featuring Bill Clinton reported to be on the bidding block? Of course.. Just ask Monica Lewinsky.

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  1. Cristina schultz-warthen is now going to Sloan College here at MIT…..there are many articles written about and written by her in the grad school journal. Google MIT and you will find her.

  2. She works in the Google research group here in Sloan’s mst covetous A.I. micro-department.

  3. Google , “cristina warthen+ hillary clinton”! I have been looking for her in clubs and Bars in Boston to ask her myself for a while. Apparently she went back to L.A.!

  4. I have only seen her recently in L.a at fitness auditions. Whatever she is taking to have that body, i want some. Her face is soft and feminine and she looks like she has never tried eating food. She is my height too, which really sucks when Im hauling me and my kid across the Valley to audition.

    LOL. IF you are reading this Cristina, please hook me up. I am a nice single mom and I know you reognize my name because we have the same rep at Central Casting!

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