More Details of Clark Atlanta Brawl Involving Weezy’s Daughter Reginae

DEVELOPING: More footage from an alleged fight involving #Lourdes. #ReginaeCarter was also there present. Details to come!?

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Allegedly the fight involving Weezy and Toya’s daughter Reginae was instigated over a cheating boyfriend… While Lordes was sticking up for her sis, two girls jumped on one and “Nae” was trying to pull them apart when things go wild.

Here’s the drop:

“Nae walked away while the other two girls tried to run up. That’s when Lordes turned and started to fight.”

Wayne has a reality show coming this summer. We expect to see this playout there as well …SMH!


    • True. I read on another site that 1 out of 4 men in Atlanta is HIV Positive. I truly believe that 4 out of 5 is straight up GAY!!!!.
      Not to mention the parties look bamma, with mostly C listers attend and always look like Halloween town.

    • What’s even sadder than the fight, the infidelity or whatever the young man’s sexual orientation may or may not be is the fact that folks pay tons of money every year to send their kids to college, and the kids are still out there behaving like common hood trash. smh

      • You are so right, common hood behavior, they want that 15 minutes of fame..
        It’s disgusting sacrificing for your child to be accept there and then act a fool..
        Oh hell no, you coming home and going to a local college.. They cuddle people too much for me.. We didn’t grow up that way at all…

        • Exactly! Bring her ass right home. Independence: Revoked. She can go up to her room and fill out FAFSA forms for next semester at the nearest community college. Curfew is 10 PM on the dot! lol

  1. I hate stupid ghetto bytches that try to fight over men. Then its always the ugly one he dont even want thats trying to fight everyone. She was doing alot of swinging but no connection to Reginae or the Lourde girl. Ol ugly, ghetto, raggedy azz weave, busted bytch! Im grown and if I was there wouldve beat the shyt out that ugly azz girl, raggedy girl. Cant stand jealous girls!

  2. ugghhh. I think she only got mad and pulled that girl because the girl already pretty, then she walk in there with lil wayne daughter, that probably set her completely off. Because she swinging like she trying to kill the pretty girl. I hope somebody bust her azz upside the head, and drag that raggedy azz weave through some shampoo, conditioner and a flat iron

  3. one more thing, check out how the dudes protected the pretty crew. lol She was doing alot of swinging but hitting absolutely no one. the boys had the Lourde girl blocked off so she could not get hit and Reginae. Love it!

  4. Now, do you think this girl will get suspended, or will she be coddled? I think she should be suspended and let her return home and go to a community college. No shade to community colleges, but clearly this bish ain’t ready or mature!

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