Derek Fisher is Smashing Gloria Govan

Derek Fisher & Gloria Govan

HSK Exclusive – Former NBA player, Derek Fisher, will return tonight from a vacay he took with his current girlfriend Gloria Govan. They are trying to keep news of their relationship on the low.

“Derek was over at Gloria’s house last week f*cking the sh*t outta her.” ~Hollywood Source

The drop:

“I’m beginning to think that Gloria is a groupie. She slept with Bow Wow, Game, Colin Fitzpatrick, Akon and Shaq.

She cheated on Matt, throughout their whole marriage.”


  1. Well this is a first …
    Lmao when Knicks play against Matt !
    Oh you know he’s getting ejected !

    • Well hopefully her p*ssy will motivate his azz to a winning season … He need to be f*cking the shit out of that Knicks play book !

      • Hey man……..
        That’s harsh !!
        But I’m a lol later much later just not right now
        Can’t believe u wrote that !

    • Well he is the head coach it’s nothing to call up a. Player hahahahahahahah !…..

  2. Doesn’t sound right…… and you guys aren’t offering up any real receipts. I will say they are both single and grown so if this is true, why not.

  3. Receipts were produced on Gloria & her whorish antics a long time ago right here on HSK. Her & her sister are deeply embedded in NBA whoredom.

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