Deb Antney Dubbed ‘Female Version of Suge Knight’


Deb Antney Modern Suge Knight

Muscling The Music Men?

HSK Exclusive – Deb Antney isn’t only being confirmed as a woman who urges her artists to ‘sleep their way to the top’ with her — she’s also being exposed as a manager who scares her artists out of their dollars. Don’t believe me.. Just ask OJ Da Juiceman.

“Debra is the female version of Suge Knight.”

Here’s the exclusive drop:

“She steals from her artists and pays them whatever she wants. They have to sleep with her. She installs fear in them.”

This news comes as French Montana — who Deb managed for two-years — just confirmed Gucci Mane’s tweet, aimed at the Bad Boy recording artist, is true.

Debra Antney Exposed

You’ll recall Gucci tweeted this about French Montana:

“60k. French Montana. Was. Laying in deb bed. Ask. Warner. 60k advance I took as insult gave to your aunt t. I’m rich bitch.”

Here’s what French Montana recently revealed to MTV News:

“The situation that he was talking about with me, he wasn’t lying. I was there with Deb. I don’t know how much money he gave her, but it was money involved… That situation he was talking about on Twitter I can say that’s real.”


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