Danielle Bregoli Threatens Lawsuit for Walmart Cashing In on ‘Cash Me Outside’

Danielle Bregoli is going after Walmart for ripping off her catchphrase, and plastering it all over its merchandise without paying her a cent.

The “Cash Me Outside” girl’s legal team — yes, she has one — fired a letter off to the retail giant demanding it pull all 15 articles of clothing — including tees, tank tops and hoodies — from its online store in the next 5 days.

If Walmart fails to do so, Danielle’s team says it can expect to catch a lawsuit.

Capitalism at it’s finest!


  1. How come PS never gets involved for her dropping out of school before legally able to do so.

  2. How does this little white girl try to cash in on a phrase I’ve heard Negroes say for the last ten+ years?

    • Wouldn’t Walmart be guilty of that too?

      Here’s the thing:it went viral because white people thought it was funny coming out of the mouth of a little bratty white teen. If a black person wanted to market that phrase before the Dr Phil show happened, it would have been a non-story.

  3. Unless she has some kind of license or rights to the phrase I don’t see how she has any ground to stand on. It’s not something exclusive that nobody has ever said

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