Comedian Aries Spears Punched In Head During Live Interview!

aries spears fight interview

Comedian and former MadTV star Aries Spears was assaulted during a live interview.

Aries appeared on on Corey Holcomb’s 5150 online radio show when he got into an altercation with co-host Zo Williams. All hell broke loose and things turned physical as the interviewed streamed online.

Peep the video to see Aries get punched in the head numerous times:


  1. This is some bullshit I do know some light skinned dudes do really think that they are tough and the shit when they really not. From my experience some are cool and some are not some of them be acting like they up there just because they light just like light skinned black women

  2. The raccoon looking coon Aries Spears talked all that shit and didn’t scrap a lick. He ducked his head like a little bitch. Zo threw them thangs and Aries Spears didn’t do shit! Aries Spears should stick to telling jokes and wearing dresses.

  3. Pierre Edwards from the movie How To Be A Player, “I know Light skin niggas ain’t in style but fuck it we making a come back.”

  4. I’m glad zo wooped his ass. He’s always talking shit and zo is a nice guy, I watch his show and 5150.

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