Ciara & Future’s Engagement Called Off, He’s On To The Next!


Meet Tyrina Lee, Future’s Assistant AKA ‘Side-Piece’…

A secret side side chick has been named — amid word pointing to “the engagement between Ciara and Future definitely being called off.” Insiders say… Future may be secretly dating his stylist Tyrina Lee.

“Future spends all of his time — and apparently all of his money — on his well-kept assistant.”


Here is what’s out there:

“Her name is Tyrina Lee, a wardrobe stylist by trade. Tyrina reportedly organizes Future’s vast wardrobe and extensive collection of kicks while he’s on tour. If you recall, Future went on tour while Ciara was in labor with their baby on the west coast.

When Future vacations in exotic locales around the world, Tyrina is the one frolicking in the surf with him — not Ciara. Friends say Future rarely sees Ciara or his son because he’s too busy touring.

She flies 1st class on private jets with Future, and she wears expensive high end bags and shoes, which she posts on her social media for Ciara to see. They don’t call Tyrina “Princess” for nothing.”


  1. bytch looks butted damn future your dumb for cheating on ciara she prettier than your side chick!!
    but is also karma for ciara because she used bow wow for fame and money and it looks like future used her also!! karma!!!!

    she should of stick to dating 50 cent’s ugly ass at least he’s got money with his crappy ratchet one liner like
    “have a baby by me and your be a billionaire” ironically she was pregnant by him but he told her to get rid of it

    bet she wished she kept it

    • lol she didn’t use BOW WOW, he just probably couldn’t satisfy her sexually, man that woman Ciara is a oaktree compared to BOW WOW

    • Not surprised at all! Ciara should have known she was not special! Too many babies and that means her income would have to support those other children as well. He is so not worth it! I hope she moves on

    • I am so so happy that the engagement might be called off.

      Rich women DON’T need to marry men with less money, so they can take half in a divorce. Leave that stupidity to kelly rowland LOL

      Ciara expects her son to be a southern classy gentleman. Can Future produce a man who would be the opposite of who he is? I doubt it.

      Ciara’s father has finally gotten his boy to raise in his image of a southern gentleman. She doesn’t need Future messing the boy up.

      Congrats Cici if you are dropping the loser and waiting on your Prince. If Eve can marry a billionaire, Ciara can marry a Trillionaire who can take care of her, like she deserves

        • ciara needs to put the d*ck down and walk away!!!!!! a piece of d*ck isn’t gonna make things better!!!
          future is sexer he only cares about sex and planting his sausage in other women’s mash potato’s

  2. Wow not even trying to talk about this girl but you could of a least got someone better looking that’s wrong karma is a bitch. It ok ciara just blast out your song iam out and you will be ok.

  3. You all sre brutal. Shes not ugly just isnt glammed up and nipped. Refreshing to see a rounded wider nose for a change.

  4. What I don’t get is what kind of women are you that you know he just had a baby and was about. To get married if you got knocked up he would do the same thing to you and the point you are showing things he buy you to ciara thats mean and the fact he is letting you show off I don’t like women like that and I know. A lot like her. But its ok karma real how you get them is how the next one get them.

  5. Ciara got played, but I saw this coming, FUTURE albums does not sell, but he is propped up by the music industry to destroy HIP-HOP with his singy, some what rhymeme music that is barely listenable. Ciara should focus on what little career she has left in the music industry

  6. ciara needs to look after her son like more common folk do provide for a family. is her fault for getting in involved with
    a loose d*ck who smashes women like mash potato ciara needs to be more concern about her baby not some big nosed blonde striped dreadlock
    weed smoker with a lucy goosey d*ck!!!

  7. Engagements and marriages end everyday. I’m not sure why this is news. Ciara is young, beautiful and talent. Her son is adorable. He will serve to be a blessing to her in more ways than anyone can imagine. Her heart will heal and her life will move forward, prayerfully with a loyal man who doesn’t have a tribe of children.

  8. I saw no Future is this relationship. It was cute, fad type relationship while it lasted but no long lasting love. Ci thought because she was a star she would be treated differently from the 40 regular BM’s this man has. Can’t husband these thug types. Once the thrill is gone of getting you “its on to the next”. Got tons of cousins, aunts, friends that got babies with his type & they never stick around. They are no interested in love only what makes them feel good at the time. Don’t be so desperate when guys like him try to holla. You just another BM and you could’ve been more

  9. He upgraded in my opinion , who wants a chick with a kid . you hoes need to take birth control with your hormones shots

    • Birth control is not for Black women. Those unnatural hormones that are being left to destroy women’s bodies and stifle their natural biological functions can be fatal. They can also cause sterility as well as serious emotional instability.

      Men should be pickier when it comes to where they place their peckers. Men should have restraint and enough self respect to properly use condoms. If they don’t want children, men should have vasectomies. You don’t appear more “masculine” when you have a bunch of children all over the place. You just look like the deadbeats that too many of you are.

    • You hoes! Please don’t call women hoes because some of us are not and for the record how about some of you men bring condoms.

    • U mean a woman with HIS baby? That sounds more like it. It’s not like she’s some random who already had a kid when they met. Either way, it’s hard to feel for Ci. Why she thought she was different from any of the other mothers of his kids is beyond me. Lesson learned I suppose.

  10. Future is a new hot young artist. He is not thinking of settling down. He’s ready to live it up. She should have known better, she’s been in the industry longer.

  11. Guys tell women what they want to hear..and women believe it. There’s one of the problems…

    • My dad sat me down and told me men were crap, the games played and what to look out for. He says something along the lines of I can do anythinf for you that another can besides give you a baby(meaning sex). If he doesnt treat you the way that I do then you need to leave him alone. Hes was right. Only one loser on the while on rebound.

      Future looks like he can gives a mean hysterectomy with those choppers.

  12. It’s funny how people say he is the next big thing in rap music and I kid you not I never heard this man be for wait I take that back he came on Wendy Williams show and did a song and the whole time she was bringing up ciara and he got a little up set but anyway he is not a good Raper at all he sucks.

  13. Future is another Johnnie Appleseed. Spreading his seeds all over the place but yes it does take two. With all the dreadful diseases out there one must be careful. It is everyone’s responsibility to practice safe sex.

  14. The biggest coward of a man is the one who awakings a woman’s love with no intentions of loving her back. Mr. Bob marley

  15. Now how stupid can ciara be she knew what future was about for the jump damn ciara got caught up in the game shut wit a baby im sure she wasnt ready for just another baby mama number 4,5 now hes onto the next tight p*ssy. Thats her dumb ass fought tryn to be like kim k an lala not.

  16. This nigga wasnt even there for the birth of the child so u know hes not shit that is a very emotional moment for a woman being present at the birth but u cant feel sorry for cici she knew goin in what he was so she let him get her pregnant an the is history.sorry betta luck next time.this is a some woman stop thinkin u can change a man.cause u cant unless he wants too an dont settle for just anything especially goin in the nigga got 4 baby mommas already

  17. @beauty I said the same thing she was trying to keep up with Kim and lala and she could not they told her they we’re going to stop talking To her if she did not get a rich man and marry him and have a child and she did now she look dumb as hell for trying to please them.

  18. Well sad to say the jokes on her an they aint shit to be like anyway especially kimmode nasty ass thats just a damn shame on ciara part

  19. Check The Record…Future has multiple baby mothers. Meaning, he likes to plant seeds in the garden of eden. So, this is not a shock to anybody that pays attention. LA Reid put a stop to the marriage talk, Why? Future is more marketable and bankable as a unhitched man versus one who is married. LL Coo James made Def Jam a mint as the hip-hop don juan. His stylists living the life. She ballin’ like a made woman in the mob, first-class seats, expensive liquids, bags that cost more than a used car. Ciara should be living it up, but, Future not married. He’s not bound to Ciara by law, thus, he can play the field. Music wise, the brotha is the real deal. But, still a man like any other man. At least he keeps it in the family, which is a positive in this day and time.

    • I love the way LA looks out for Ciara. A southern lady would wither and die with a thug.

    • NO ONE was checking for Future until the beautiful Ciara made him look good and desirable. She did for Future, the same thing that Faith Evans did for hideous Biggie Smalls. Now Future thinks he’s the sh8t

  20. I do not delight in other’s sorrows. I’ve always liked Clara and I wish her and her little one the best!

  21. DFuture is a BUM.

    CIARA was dumb for fooling with him, without a condom on.
    She fell for the “you are the one”

    I also blame the Stylist, who knew Future was spoken for.
    But the maybe Ciara has been the side chick all along?

  22. I honestly want to slap her. Wth was she thinking getting serious with this village ram/he-goat? I hope she learns from this mistake and seek within to find out why she keep choosing men who do not want to stay with her. She has an unfortunate history of lovers who have humiliated her. Ciara, why do you feel you deserved to be humiliated? What are you continuing to punish yourself for and picking people who will help punish you? Search yourself and fix this shit!

  23. I guess we still have to see what happens she is young and haves alot of growing up to do she just a girl that was in love and being married maybe looked like the best thing but she will be ok.

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