Ciara Deletes Creepy Maternity Photo After Backlash

ciara deletes maternity photo

After people called her out for her creepy maternity photo that featured a naked Future Jr. and a headless Russell Wilson, Ciara has deleted the photo from her Instagram account.

Ciara replaced the picture with this:

Do you think she did the right thing by deleting the pic?


    • I find it strange that men on this site question the gender of black women because of You Tube conspiracy videos that claim such. It is obviously click bait material. Michelle Obama, Serena Williams and Ciara are clearly biological females.

      Black women have more testosterone than white women. Their musculature is more defined. They often have broad shoulders. These are all good things, and it is cruel and disrespectful to imply that they are bio men.

      • Nah, they’re trannies, so are the white ones, and %90 of the broads in Hollywood. It has nothing to do with being a “sellout” or whatever, it has to do with having two functional eyes.

        • I agree folks be trippin nowadays they believe everything on the tv . They know doggone well real 100 percent females don’t look like none of those so called women who are actually trannies in hollywood.

      • You know doggone well Michelle and serena are not females some of you need to Take your blinders off seriously smh. i don’t know females in real life 100 percent females that look like anyone of these women.

        • You & the other one are idiots.

          There was this thing called slavery where they bred slaves to be the biggest strongest buckest humans alive, including the women… dumb ass MFs.

          • If slavery is the cause why are Carribean and Afro Latina women a lot more slender than African Americans.To be blaunt its in the black genes even in Africa there are REALLY MANLY looking women with deep voices. I am from Nigeria so I should know

            • You do know the majority of women today have surgery right?

              There are manly bitches on ALL continents and testosterone levels like the other poster said is the difference.

              Slaves in AMERICA were bred and slavery lasted the longest here…there would be no nba or nfl w/o the genetic superiority through slave breeding…morons.

              • To redumbshit learn how to write English.

                Your spelling & grammar sucks harder than you do.

              • Maybe your right and usually the violent Buck would be the breeder…hence so much violent black men and women. But I also think a lot of slaves were inbred as well.

            • if u r so darn poor u cant afford meat u will be skinny and malnourished and ugly as hell

        • It’s impossible for Serena and Venus to be fucking females. LOL those are two of the manliest niggas Ive ever seen in bathing suits. Their physiques, along with michelle obama’s are perfectly that of men!

          • It has nothing to do with Michelle or Serena, Taylor Swift is a man and “she” is 120 lbs.

            This is a demonic conspiracy, and if you are not a male you will not make it as a female. Hell, Marilyn Monroe was a drag queen. All of those Brazilian models are drag queens for Victoria’s Secret.

      • “Black women have more testosterone than white women” :
        -> well that’s the problem ! Women’s DNA is not supposed to carry testosterone but pheromone instead ! Hence the women who look like dudes and not like chicks…

  1. Ciara is very disgraceful. And the Black women’s relationship with their sons are borderline incest. No wonder most black men are so emotionally and mentally damaged and can create lasting relationship with other black women

    • Reformist: I can assure you that the Ciara photo is an example of a very popular trend in upscale photo work requested these days by women of all races who have the money to hire “artsy” photographers. It really is not incestuous. It is meant to show the beauty of a woman in her fertility. BUT, it is not meant to be shown outside of one’s home.

      This second photo is very tasteful and lovely. The chief objection to the other photo was the inclusion of Future. Had he been the biological father it would not have seemed as weird.

      • The photo isn’t really the problem. A lot of black mothers are “intimate” with their sons in a very perverse way. It’s like their son have become the husband they never had. Many black men have been damaged by this relationship That is why us men never seem to mature and always being childish and docile…I included 🙁

        • According to you, you are African….so chock that up as a loss to your African heritage.

          And glad you admit to being fucked up beyond repair, so instead of bitching about it here you need to go to THERAPY…psychopath.

          • Seek therapy?….That’s why I move to Toronto to escape my black mom. Couldn’t take her “mammy” complex anymore

              • I know… but just imagine the amount black men who won’t be able to seek help because their black mamas are protrolling the house with a belt yelling “Get yo black ass in her before I knock you out” Hopefully God or child protective serviceS can save them

              • Feminsts bankrolled by the joo lobby is the reason why Reformist had to run away !
                Why ?
                Because when a mom rapes her son she never get jailed but always get paroled …
                Of course when a father rapes his daughter he gets jailed immediately….

                Feminism is a disease and many black women (the single mom type) is the tool of the destruction of the traditional family model and don’t get mad pnce the civilization as we know it will soon collapse !

              • STFU like what’s up with you saying the same shit over and over. How does your husband allow you to come on blog sites and say the same shit. LMAO


    • The single mom “educating” and “raising” alone her children has become the typical family model, this model is destoying the human race beginning with the black race …

  2. good she deleted it but somethings strange about the fact that she even took it, then posted it and then had to be told to take it down. If she dont know that was weird, she dont need no kids

    • Ciara is washed out and still wants to be the centre of attention. Being with Russell Wilson doesn’t cut it. For one thing he is a simp. Moreover She is reduced to being just a mother, being smiley, going to children hospitals, acting family. But that’s not her. Ciara is more street and that’s why Future was and is more compatible with her

        • Compatible doesn’t mean it will last forever. Most of Ciara exes are the complete opposite of Russell Wilson. Russell is just a captain save a hoe whose being use to “settle down”

          Date thugs marry simps

  3. Michelle Obama, Serena & Venus all look like women to me. They might not be the prettiest women but they are WOMEN.

    • Only idiot says they are no women. They are no attractive but they women nevertheless. Strangely both look a lot better then most of our mothers who are usually way out of shape.

  4. Michelle Serena and venus are not ugly at all.

    There are more hook nose man face bitches of other races who have surgery, who are the really busted ones.

  5. Ciara, she is light skin with long fake hair, but she never reached the same superstar status as Beyonce. Chicks with no talent have to do stupid stunts like posing topless with a naked child! Ciara should be ashamed of herself. Future needs to to go the courts to get full custody of his son immediately!

  6. Teyana Taylor did a similiar pic with her, her husband and child
    Perhaps its just a hollyweird thing

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