Ciara Blames The Blogs For Leading Celebs To Suicide

Ciara Blames Blogs

Ciara doesn’t seem to have the tough skin needed to brush her shoulders off. Know why? In an open letter to the blogs, CiCi doesn’t only express she misses “the good ol days” — before the advent of the internet, and the blogs — the singer also appears to be blaming tabloid news for leading a celeb to commit suicide.

Here’s what CiCi had to say:

“My questions to people creating slander about people are: What stops you from thinking twice about trying to defame someone? What are you trying to gain? Words are powerful. You could say the wrong thing about someone, famous or not, on the wrong day and that could cost them their life because they’re at a weak point. Believe it it or not, you could also be encouraging them to give up on their life or whatever the situation is, when they shouldn’t. Or what about a story that causes unnecessary drama stemming from completely false information? It’s just flat out wrong and sad. I say to myself, I thank God for making me strong, because I’ve always been able to use the negativity as motivation, and it makes me stronger.

What about your family and kids?? Do you think about them?? You’re definitely creating a harmful and volatile environment where they must learn to live. It’s almost like you are cursing future generations with your bad energy. Not to mention…Your ‘Personal Karma’ ??… Forget about it! You better start doing some serious praying and rebuking, cause only The Lord knows!…:) I sure do miss the good ol days when the focus was about the pure creativity of being an artist. Back then there was still some mystery. Social Media Is Beginning To Take Away The Specialness of What That Was, and Is.

Now, Off Blogs. Peaceful Mind. Living In My Happiness. Creativity Only.