Chris Brown’s Payback to Jay Z “I Wanna Smash Beysus”


Chris Brown revealed on instagram that he would smash Beyonce, and he also complimented the Drunk In Love lyricist, on being a wonderful mother and role model.

Chris Brown chose Beyonce as his #WomanCrushWednesday and critics are saying that the 25 year old pop star’s real intention was to disrespect Bey’s hubby Jay Z.

Here’s what Chris Brown said:

“Respectfully my WCW…Talented individual as well as wonderful mother and one incredible role model.”

Did Chris Brown shade Hovi?


  1. he better stick to the karrueche’s of the world LOL

    Beyonce is to far of a reach, even with elastic arms, bro

    • Chris Brown secret baby girl has been revealed.Jay Z secret son has been revealed.Jay involved with Rhianna ,so Chris making Kryptic compliments at Hova’s wife.To us outsiders it’s not that serious but they know the scoop.

  2. No., his intentions is to hurt RIhanna, no secret those two merely tolerate each other.

    • No. His intentions was to use Beyonce’s name to attention for his failing music career

  3. Yeah…I could see her messing with Chris to get back at hubby and Rhianna…but the problem is..although this chick is sneeky. She could’nt get caught bragging about it because she has to appear the perfect woman.

  4. I just read that Suge’s bail has been reduced to $10 million. So 10 percent of that would be?

  5. @Jimmy I guess you weren’t good at math in school. His bail would be $1 million but the question is who is going to be dumb enough to pay it.

  6. Everybody is commenting on Beyonce’s and they do look good by the way but what is her crouch like. I heard is smelly and bumpy down there. A word of advice what looks good on the outside isn’t always good on the inside.

  7. I read she is funky from Wendy Williams. I remember Bow Wow saying she has bad breathe.

  8. Wendy WWilliams is a liar and a trouble maker and she doesn’t care who she hurts. I had to stop watching her ever since she destroyed Aaliyah’s movie. I’m surprised she wasn’t sued for that.

  9. HaHaHA Jay Z’s been disrespecting Beyoncé for years and Beyoncé puts herself out there with her low self esteem!

    I’m still not buying Tidal!

  10. Where does it say he wanted to smash and who are these so called critics turning a compliment into something sexual?

    Journalism is dead.

  11. Beyonce Derangement Syndrome is real.
    This page proves it.
    It is second only to Obama Derangement Syndrome.

    • black people love beyonce and obamas to death they have been exposed as frauds and liars beyonce is nothing but a witch and obama nothing but a fag and his “wife” is a trans. the sad thing these have done nothing for blacks except tell you lies and you fall for them endlessly. these people work for the elites (rothschilds, builderbergs, rockefellers) they don’t give a damn about you the same goes for our black leaders. the sad thing black people will keep falling for these false idols like the people in chicago begging obama to help them.

      • It sounds good Stephanie .. And we all know heard this shit before see what makes you s fraud and bogus bitch everything you kicking don’t have shit to do with this story … You reaching ! And another Sherlock stop digging in the Hsk archives for ppl responses … Tippie bitch you don’t get tired of this you ,pop up with Stephanie today cuz your BA handle got exposed ???? Dumb bitch we so on to your lame tactics! Lmao

      • beyonce and michelle are lovers don’t believe michelle is a trans but she probably has those desires to strap it up.

        whats up with her and jesse Jackson back in the day.

        we know barack and michelle was an arranged marriage from back in their Chicago days.

        yes barack and jeremian wroight used to go out to those fag parties yes god damn America.





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  14. chris must wanna go back in jail and get that ass busted.

    betcha those diudes loved seeing him dance in jail.

    remember this crackhead who was hardcore in the streets but when he was in jail he was doing the single ladies dance all on the dinner table and the dudes was like what.

  15. Chris is not alone in feeling this way, but, voicing his desires for a married woman is ego-hustling. In our culture, that’s a problem. Admire her from a distance and so forth, but, to air it out is asking for a fist up side the head…Real Talk! Single women, he can say whatever. Codes keep us out of trouble, otherwise, all of us would be six feet under.

    • As a married woman who puts herself on display for the world to see, with her so-called husband’s tacit approval, what exactly is Beyoncé “code”?

  16. This ain’t news. They all sleep with each other. Demons amongst demons. I will be glad when the elite is done with her and gay z.

  17. Told a while back Hilary Clinton was gunna be your next prez. Follow the patterns you’ll be predicting the future yourselves. No conspiracy, it’s really happening people. Wake up before it’s to late.

  18. so the goddess complex will rule again.

    that means more support and love for the lgbt.

  19. How funny Chris starts off by saying ‘Respectfully’. That man never been respectful in his life. LMAO

  20. Chris is a hypocrite. Didn’t he just call his ex a thot for taking bikini pics and told her to keep it classy? O_o

    Besides, We all know what these men mean when they say woman crush.

    And in other news………

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