Chris Brown Calls Harvey Levin The Devil


Chris Brown is saying TMZ and their head mascot Harvey Levin have been trying to destroy his career for years.

Chris Brown went on to say that Harvey Levin is a short unhappy man who spreads negativity.



    • Notice how POLITE CB was? If that was a BW blogger/writer he’d be calling her a B, a H and of course N! Funny how some BM behave when confronting the Man with their hats in their hands! He should have cussed him out like a dog but you don’t mess with the Harvey Levins of the world!! NOTICE NO BM DISSING JEWS IN RAPS BUT ALWAYS DISSING BW??

  1. What did Levin say back?

    Nothing. Because Levin could care less.
    CB looks silly and ladylike for even posting something like that.

    Real gangsters meet you after school, not hide behind a computer sending love notes..

    • Naw….real gangstaa wind up in jail taking backshots from Twan, Lil Rayray, Click, and alla ’em. Real men evolve. That’s what Chris is doing by using words, not violence and fists. If he was skeered of Harvey he just wouldn’t have said anything.

      • And Chris looks crazy.
        Doesn’t matter if he’s right, wrong or indifferent.

        Perception is everything.
        Chris looks crazy and needs to stay off the internet and get his life together.

        This is what they signed up for. He nor any of them will ever get my sympathies or cheers. They built him up to tear him down. Thats how the industry is.

  2. He didn’t lie,he does.they say slick shit about him always & dick-pull queers like paul anka & les moonves.they don’t give a phuk about him while he’s praying they’ll say something to him.but it’s always something negative at chris,at above he never said he was a gangster,but that wouldn’t be smart to “meet” him after school when mr. tell-it will run straight to tv & lapd & report.he’s the biggest young black star around & never talks to the bc he already knows what they’ve been on.He didn’t dwell on hope solo at all,just ray rice.smh

    • Then I wouldn’t say anything at all.
      This tweet could be seen as harrassment or whatever they want to charge him with.

      I didn’t mean gangster as a Crip or Blood. I meant “real dude” or “man”.

      If you are a real man you would tell me to my face.

      So why send a note? No matter how true It Is, It doesn’t lend anything to CBs credibility or state of mind or anger management skills.
      Who looks more credible? The ” powerful attorney” or the “troubled star?” Sending a seemingly unsolicited “blas phemous” tweet
      Looks crazy.

      Perception is everything.

      • Chris didn’t say anything remotely negative he’s right. You need to shut up being negative and an instigator.

        • Really? “Shut up”? Wow. Didn’t you have homeroom today?
          Nope. You probably dropped out long ago.

          “Being negative”? Because I dare disagree with the great Chris Brown? Or because I told the truth too?

          I’m not a dick rider like you. I hate both these dudes. If Chris isn’t going to tell him to his face he should keep his mouth shut. You should do the same.

          We won’t know how stupid you are until you tell us.


          • Dick riding?!! Well look no further than yourself being one cause you’re definitely on mine, lol !!! Don’t get made cause we’re not drinking the cool aid, not everyone is on the we hate Chris band wagon. Face it the masses are waking up, no more saying the same thing until we believe it, ok, i got my own brain I’ll use it. Team breezy, stand up Chris I’m gonna lift you up in prayer. Harvey have no power, he better get himself together and get off the gossiping or he’s gonna wake up in hells fire when he dies.

        • Thats bullshit. He is not Chris’s boss.He spoke his mind.Tired of Sambos trying to appease these crakers.

        • @Willie Jones Jr.. A negative is something that’s not true,a positive is something that is true. If Harvey ways are liken to the devil, then yes, he’s a devil. Then again, Chris should’ve thought about the
          consequences before signing his name in blood, getting into that demonic industry.

  3. What an excellent take down. Chris struck just the eight tone so they can’t call him angry like they did with Shonda Grimes the other day. Thatvsaid, Chris better be careful cuz Levin may be a devil but he’s a well connected devil. I had no idea he was that insanely rich, I thought he just had typical Hollywood money but he has serious dough and a very long reach. So walk softly Chris. you’ve been trying to escape the clutches of TPTB for a while now. My prayers are with you.

  4. Look at his eyes in the second picture. Assymetrical . How come so many Hollywood denziens have those tweaked looking cocky eyes. Paris Hilton, Kim K, Selena Gomez….so many celebs . What’s up w that.

    • because most people in the world have asymmetrical features. look at your own face closely in the mirror, if you can stand it… I’m sure it’s lopsided.

      • LOL…u wish your cheap little comeback was true, minion. Don’t be mad because you have to cover all the mirrors in your house with black cloth so you don’t have to see that thing you sold yourself staring back out at you.

  5. Harvey is the type of white man that is sexually attracted to black men. White men are mentally disturb and needs to worry bout their problems. Chris dont give in to this lady.

    • Why do you think you have to learn about black people to be sexually attracted to them. You think massa was interested on yoruba folk lore when he was raping and pillaging down in the slave quarters?

      • No I don’t damn well know that. And i don’t agree life is more sophisticated. I personally think all that really changes are fashion and technology. Humans are basically the same . That said I do not care who Harvey bones. Racist white have been having sex with people of color for hundreds if not thousands of years and its doubtful they intend to stop… Or start learning about the impact of gang violence on inner city youth or how many African-Americans rely on wic to supplement their diets.

  6. I hate to say it but…Chris just ruined his career….Chris aint seen the devil.. …yet!!!Harvey just may be the devil…a well connected jewish devil…Stay off social media Chris..say how u feel to your friends in private

  7. This is the most honest,intelligent thing i ever heard Chris say. Harvey is a gay demon who enjoys destroying people and making people look bad. He is a old school dick hoping faggot. Good for you Chris that comment was on point and very true. All of those motherf*ckers are gay as hell.

  8. All of those fake Joos are nothing but devil worshipping,culture stealing,identity thieves.Rev 2:9,3:9..These demons have a job to keep the Blackman/woman asleep so they can keep stealing our identity because they know we are the real Joos.And the Pop Tart Harvina Levin is no different.

  9. Its no mystery to those in the know of why Hitler used the oven for these devils. He chose the oven because he knew that was the Blackmans identity they were stealing he Hitler said”Since you want to be claim the blackmans identity I’ll turn y’all asses black in this oven”

  10. Remember the last person called somebody a devil and look what happen? That person died*hint MJ*

    • Hello Chris. I’m Dr. Murray. Let’s see what we can do about that cough.

  11. nobody cares. this is exactly why everybody thinks that he sold his soul when his career resurfaced in 2011 because he got tired of begging the world to forgive him for abusing Rihanna

  12. Chris doesn’t have to walk soft. Chris has God on his side. Last time I checked God has always beat the devil. God will handle the devil (Harvey) in time. One thing for sure when you hurt someone you will always get yours in return. Harvey has always tried to ruin black men, while the white man always gets a pass. Money who cares how much money harvey has. When God comes for you the amount of money and who you know does not matter. All men makes mistakes no matter what color.

      • Nope. All he needs to do is stay prayed up. I pray for him to because its clear he’s a target. If walking with evil is a sign of death to come ,a certain pimp mama must just about be a corpse.

  13. Chris got it right for once. Harvey tried to take down Bieber because Justin said ‘hail no!’ to Harvey’s sexual advances! Harvey would have no career if it wasn’t for celebs. Some people are about it, Harvey just writes about it –

  14. harvey is obsessed with black men’s dick all white men are

    i was dicking down my ex in a alley way on my car bonnet . then a old white man was watching me and my girl f*ck!!
    damn i felt uncomfortable the mofo won’t leave he was just standing there watching us f*ck!!

    10 mins later he lefted then the mofo came back again with his camera!!!!

    white people are obsessed with black people’s sexually patterns this mofo wanna to make a quick buck from me and my ex f*cking

    • So last week when ur MAN was f*cking ur female friend in the Rover that makes u a sword fighting dick dabbler.

  15. Chris when you are right, you are right. You had a right to do what you did to that girl, and I think it was more respectful than I would have done. Harvey had babies when that happened to Kim, so yes he does have his specials. Seeing him trash the Kardashian/Jenners is something he may never waste much ink on. Understand when you do wrong, expect to see the opposite of what you have recieved for this situation. You said what you said, drop it. We have your back on this.

  16. *crying* That would be awesome, but it is no secret that Harvey Levin is a Streisand ticket holding, friend of Dorothy.

  17. I don’t understand the black race, what we should do is ban together and boycott tmz. Harvey is a white racist redneck along with his staff. and the uncle toms.

  18. harvey is a white racist redneck alond with his racist staff and to uncle toms on his show.

  19. Somebody need to take the keyboard.
    He should not tweet.
    He should just live and let them
    watchers keep watching……

  20. Flatter Me Baby, Make It Rain With Envy! Harvey Levin is doing his job, which is, observing the animal farm in hollyweird… Voyeuristic That Is! Chris Breezy and his antics don’t stop won’t stop. His anger is focused on the wrong person. Levin don’t care about dude coming for him, he knows that Chris will be on the clock… 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1…Sirens Blasting!!!

  21. Good for Chris. If he lied on the man, that would be one thing, but he expressed how he felt. Why should he coward or be scared of this man, he’s a GROSSIP WH0RE.

  22. Harvey’s main purpose in life is to take down the black man. Him and kris jenner are good friends. Both of their purposes in life is to take down the black man. The blacks don’t see the kart fashions are only using them for fame, then they dump them for the next richer black man or woman.

  23. If Harvey Levin is the devil, what does that make the black guy with the dreadlocks?

    • He probably got a big dick and Harvey keeps him on payroll just so he can suck at will. That is usually why most Jhews like to keep Black men around. Don’t believe me, go to Hollywood and you will see why i said that.

  24. Devil or not, Harvey has only stated facts about CB. If CB had been a better man, there would be nothing to report. His : beating on women, drug use, anger issues, jail/rehab stint and crip walking wasn’t a fabrication.

  25. Chris was smart not to say it to his face so he wouldnt catch another charge. He did the right thing by expressing on social media. I would hate to see Chris dislocate this man face.

  26. I strongly believe that Cb is still the owner of his soul. He is right. Harvey Levin is a devil.

      • He isn’t gay which is why the gay sex abuse he was subjected to as a minor has made him so hostile and aggressive. He lashes out at execs, other artists, his management, his mother,…Rhi. he’s so angry because he’s damaged.

  27. I wish everyone would leave Chris alone. How about the football player who hit, knocked out, dragged, and then dropped his girlfriend like she was a heavy bag of trash. Now that’s abuse.

  28. JZ’s trying to destroy Chris because Chris messed with his money. Once JZ messed with Chris Riri started pulling away from JZs control. Plus J doesn’t own a piece of CB so he could destroy himm and the competition. JZ is a thug. He’s ruthless. If he was the head of a group of drug dealers then he’s been involved/committed murder, gangs, and destroying families. IF he’s out ??? then he’s snitched if he’s not then he’s still supporting illegal activities.

  29. Harvey Levin loves to suck Black dudes dicks. Long before he was ever on tv he was known to pick up Black thugs and suck them off for pay. Why do you think he has those Black guys on his show? Those rich Jhews cannot be without Black dick. They go crazy if you try to separate them from a Black dick. Trust me on this one yall

  30. I just heard that chris brown is affiliated with the Bloods out in Cali. Is this true Raheim, Crazychris,Eddie, etc. If this is true he has really lost his mind.

    In Chris Browns ” i Don’t Think They Know”. There was alot of Blood gang members.

    • Yeah, it’s true. He pays the Bloods a ‘Street Tax’ for both protection and street cred. Image is everything to the illusionists in the Entertainment Industry.

      • Thanks Raheim for the info. Man Joyce needs to get her son out of Cali. Raheim arent they the same guys who had Pac kilked? If so that crazy.

        • No problem babbsbunny, though I don’t know of their involvement, if any, with ‘Pac’s murder.

          • Yeah, that’s the same with them cash money clowns, the claim the blood affiliated because that’s who extorts them. I think puff pastry pays the crips.

        • ask Suge Knight or David Jenner what they planned after PAC had an audit on his money, and fulfilled his contract and was planning on leaving Death Row (blood affiliated)

  31. Typo: in Chris Brown’s video “I Don’t think they know” there was alot of Blood Gang members

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