Chris Brown Compares Himself To Michael Jackson & James Brown

Chris Brown Delusions of Grandeur

Chris Brown recently compared himself to Michael Jackson and James Brown. Know why? Because Chris Brown thinks his stage performance is on the same level as the King of Pop and the Godfather of Soul.

Here’s what Mick Jagger said about James Brown:

“I was the only White guy in the crowd when I used to go watch his shows at the Apollo Theater. I’ve never seen a performer like him before. James Brown was the best.”

Chris Brown Michael Jackson James Brown

Is Chris Brown saying he’s the Michael Jackson and James Brown of this generation? Of course he is. Don’t believe me.. Ask Usher.


  1. James Brown and Michael Jackson let other people call them the greatest. That’s some Eddie Kane Jr. shit he is on.

    • looooool u got a point lol

      ” nights like this i wish rain drops would fallllllll” lol

    • Countdown to PCP usage or propofol injections like the greats. Seems he is already on the white with the powder lies and grandiosity. A circle prayer is needed.

    • I would say that’s some Kanye West shit he’s on, proclaiming something about himself others would say if it were true. In other words, if you’re great, you should never have to say so.

  2. If more evidence was needed that chris brown is on drugs he just provided it. This crackhead will never be on Michael Jackson and James Brown’s level. And its SO DISRESPECTFUL for him to even think such a thing. Michael accomplished more by the time he was 25 then any of these artists today. So many have set out to be on MJ’s level and ALL have FAILED and chris brown will also.

    • He will end up like that embarrassing Vlad TV interview of uncle Aaron Hall, covered in crack sheen, boasting about his penis and all the bad bytches he phukked 20 years ago.

  3. Good morning folks. Feel a lil better. What Imma say about this makes since. I am just waiting for February 1st which is Super Bowl Sunday and see how Katy Perry’s performance for any clues to see who ass is on the chopping block for a sacrifice. I got six names and Chris Brown’s name is one of them.

    • Glad you’re feeling better DA, I wish I could say the same for me.
      I’m more worried about Rihanna than I am Chris. Won’t she be 27 soon? That 27 club is always looking for new troubled singers and Amy Winehouse was the last big name and that was a few years ago.

      • Chile this weekend was too rough. Cheese I hope and pray U get better too. Oh man! That is right! Lord knows I hope and pray she is not!

        • Argh! I see the refresh is back as is my love/hate relationship with this blog.

          Anyway, thank you for your prayers Da.
          I don’t want to see anything happen to anyone but you know the industry is long overdue. Let’s just hope and pray the Carters don’t try anything shade and Rihanna gets or stays clean.

          • industry long overdrew for what.

            so those thousands of Africans being killed by isis ain’t enough.

            robin Williams hanging himself wasn’t enough.

            simone battle hanging herself wasn’t enough.

            all the celbs who died last year and you weant more.

  4. Chris really thinks that he is back on the good end with fans since he beat a women head up. James had a live band and Michael had professional dancers on stage. Chris had drugs and thugs on his stage.

    • #truth. I never considered his amateur stage backing, like the above posters said dude is on the purest white money can buy.

  5. Oh the auto refresh is back. Between the trolls, the immaturity, the blessing of whoever runs this place, the sticky keys and this sketchy mobi bullshit that keeps snatching the page you all must not want any posters. It’s been a blast but I don’t have the time for six tries to post two sentences. Man what the f*ck happened to this place?

    • I got six names but look at the half time show on February 1st. Katy Perry is doing it. So it’s about that time.

  6. Don’t yall think its time to let your crush on this dude go? You old enuf to be his mother. Plus he a collosal f*ck up.

  7. That crackhead already got trashed by the entire media because he tried to compare himself to them 10 years ago lmao smh GINUWINE IS ALREADY CROWNED AS THE MICHAEL JACKSON AND JAMES BROWN OF OUR GENERATION. PERIOD. END OF STORY

    • ginuwine whatever.

      ginuwine wasn’t a bandleader and he never made music that can be compare to mj.

  8. sorry when cb makes an album that outsells thriller like mj did then we’ll talk.

    james brown was a bandleader and knows how to construct a song from scratch and knows hgow to lead AND CONDUCT A BAND AND KNOWS HOW TO DEVELOP RAW TALENT FROM MUSICIANS WHEN CHRIS LEARNS HOW TO DO THAT I’LL LISTEN.



  9. Unlike everyone else on this this blog i have a CLEAR MIND OF MY OWN so ill say that CB isnt wrong for sayn that. Everbody on the radio thats doin new rnb sound like CHRIS BROWN. I havent heard one original sounding rnb artist since CB been out. For this day n time like it or not he is on the level of James Brown n Micheal Jackson. Micheal copied James to be called the greatest Chris copied Micheal to be called the greatest. If his reputation wasnt constantly being ruined by media n followers of media hype everyone would be saying it like they was when he came out. U can say Neyo Usher but yea right like it or not CB is talented af regardless of his public issues. Trust they tryna ruin his black ass like they did MJ I jus hope the MOST HIGH keeps him protected.

  10. He’s a great natural dancer. Some just have that ‘it’..that ‘thing’ that takes over when music is in control. I can see where he’s coming from. He’s very self aware. I say more power to him because I love music and admire dance.

  11. James Brown and Michael Jackson, Usher too! had that ‘it’. But The Godfather of Soul put it down!! All have their own styles.. recognize THAT game! Boop!

  12. I think he is painting a mural for the Grammy museum that they are building. He is describing the order of the men on the wall. He posted pics on IG the other day.

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