Charlie Sheen Accused of Infecting Gay Lover With HIV

    charlie sheen gay lover hiv

    Charlie Sheen is facing jail time because he allegedly infected his gay lover with HIV, according to sources.

    The man’s identity is being withheld, but he traced his infection back to his “gay trysts” with Sheen. If found guilty, Sheen could face up to 8 years behind bars!

    In case you forgot, HSK was credited by the New York Times for being the FIRST to report that Charlie had tested positive for HIV.

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    1. Charlie Sheen = CIA DOUBLE AGENT !!! 100% Fact !!! ~ (See: Infecting People With Diseases and NO CHARGES)

      • Sadly, this sociopath like all the others, will walk. There is no justice for these elite, and higher up bastards in the industry. I go just as hard on the black celebrities, but these jewish/white passing ones need to be held accountable as well.

    2. This latest incident involving Charlie Sheen isn’t being heavily reported by the mainstream media. Also the white bitch Chloe Goins, who is accusing boule Bill of rape was arrested in San Diego County for possession of heroin with the intent to distribute. Mainstream media didn’t report that. This proves that white supremacy is out to destroy black people, specifically black men.

      • No, it isn’t about black and white. IT IS ABOUT the the HOMO media protecting one of their own.

        • It is about black and white. It’s also about destroying black people, black men and the black family.

      • So a rape victim selling drugs should be news? GTFOH..

        The reason cospig picked a certain type of woman, mainly drug users, was to discredit their character, asshole! The other reason is because they wouldn’t object to taking the knock-out drugs he carried with him! Although they did not know that is what they were taking.

        So if this woman is now a drug dealer, it actually proves he picked a certain type of woman and is a fucking predator, you dumb fuck!

    3. TV networks continue to broadcast Two And A Half Men. When boule Bill’s scandal hit, all of the tv networks canceled The Cosby Show.

        • No, Charlie Sheen just threatened to kill his wife. He also trashed a hotel room in New York City.

          • What man hasn’t thought about/ threatened to kill his wife?

            How do you compare trashing a hotel room to 50+ rape victims?

            • THANK YOU.

              And if it is proven that Sheen in fact did infect someone with HIV, then I bet his shows will be pulled too. But until that time, it wouldn’t be fair to do so.

              NBA doesn’t see things as they are. He just doesn’t. “Boule Bill” is a horrible man. Yes there are horrible white men too, but that doesn’t excuse what Cosby has done.

    4. Shit’s not even surprising anymore. All these dudes in the industry have male and female side pieces. But watch Hollywood and the media cover this up, and protect Sheens nasty ass. In truth, they should ALL be exposed- black white and other. I would also say that anyone who’s willing to throw themselves at, and sleep with these celebrities are pretty much asking for whatever they get.

      • I’d like to add, that unlike the female sidepieces, you’ll never hear of the male side pieces since many of these dudes pay good money to keep them silent.

      • Right but look who is taking the most heat it’s a damn shame when you white your right. Shit is beyond dumb.

      • Who cares what he does?

        He is not the one committing crimes against black women.

        Saying that dumb shit is like saying it is okay to commit atrocities against your own.

    5. The sick thing is stupid ass people would still want to be with this sick fuck he has HIV and is a pedophile yet people still want him. Couldn’t pay me a zillion dollars to even kiss that bastard

    6. If anyone has any proof that Sheen actually raped children, please post a link. Accusations are not proof, and looking at child porn is disgusting, but it is not the same as raping children. In child psychology we learned that a lot of wanna be pedophiles don’t actually offend themselves. They only go as far as fantasizing. I guess it’s like all the men who watch rape porno. Most of them don’t actually go out and commit rape.

      • If anyone watches child porn they should be in prison on their way to be pushing up daisies I wouldn’t even search the internet for proof of him molesting children that’s sick.

      • Look up the divorce papers Denise Richards filed…she is the one who accused him of watching child porn and other crazy shit to gain full custody.

        Whether it is true or not who knows, but given his history not too many people would put it past him.

        • But would you concede that a woman’s words in a divorce suit may not be 100% true?

          Look I am not stanning for Sheen, He indeed may be all kinds of sick, but I would not want to convict a man solely based on what his ex says about him. I hope that the cops investigated her claims. The fact that he id still walking around free makes me think that they couldn’t find any evidence.

          And Cory Feldman needs to speak up or shut up, He’s been dropping hints and being coy about Sheen for years now. If he knows something, he needs to talk to the cops, or he has to bear some of the guilt of Sheen and any kids he has hurt.

          • And seeing how you are going so hard for some diseased POS who no one outside of his family seems to speak well of, stanning sounds about right.

            What is funny to me is how people want to believe right conquers all in all cases, when they see on the daily the contrary…lol.

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