Chad Ochocinco Johnson Leaves Baby Mama Broke With 5 Kids

Chad Ochocinco Johnson

No more than two months after giving birth, Crystal Bates got dumped by Chad Ochocinco Johnson. The former strip club waitress is now broke and forced to raise 5 kids on her own. She recently had to apply for WIC because Chad wasn’t stepping up to take care of their new baby Kennedi.

Ochocinco met Crystal when she was working in the strip club, and she immediately quit her job to travel the world with him. Judging by her Twitter account, she’s still in love with him and probably hoping he comes back, but she might as well go ahead and file for child support.


  1. U dumbass! The number one golden rule that has been passed down by many women before us that tells it all: NEVER DEPEND ON NO MAN THAN GOD!!!

  2. @daradiant1 Amen…at this point any woman who comes in contact with Chad Johnson should RUN-not walk away from this loser with a capital “L” and to think I was feeling semi sorry for him when Evilyn Lozada got his dumb azz a few years prior… I have to take care of another deadbeat man’s seed, via mi tax dollars..hmpf am so sick of this damn story…where & when does it end…?

  3. Nobody told her to quit her job in the first place. Then let alone have all those kids. Mannnnnn….she and others need to wake the f*ck up!!

  4. Like I said, I am going to pay for yet another deadbeat man’s seed via mi damn tax dollars & if I need WIC, food stamps, medicaid, etc., I will be denied because am married and thank God gainfully employed…meanwhile she got knocked up by a quasi celebrity & will get all sorts of things for her & her other out of wedlock children…if it sounds like am mad, well frankly I am. I’ve done the right things in life, like school, obeying the laws, staying out of the clubs, working and marrying the father of my children…am so disgusted with society behaviours right now…just fed up with all this damn foolishness…

  5. If you’re struggling to look after the kids you got….why have another one for a man you are not even married to. Too many black women are quick to have babies with men who have a rachet history and x amount of kids with too many different women. She needs to focus on her energies on her current offspring, for every child she pops out.. the children before suffer.

    • First – they do it for child support and welfare benefits. Second, why are you UK people always in OUR business? I ma sure there have to be pressing issues going on in the UK for you to worry about. Mind your business. You are not us and we are not you.

  6. If a man has a kid by 5 different women. That means he WILL LEAVE YOU TO.
    that is who he is.

    If you think you are the one, you are not. And a screaming baby is mot what he is looking for.
    You are trying to create a FAMILY. And he is trying to RUN FROM RESPONSIBILITY.

    on to the next dummy!

    And this crazy ass chick, would rather go on welfare.

    Isnt it embarrassing, to fill out the application and put different mens names down as your childs fathers?

    Being whoreish is winning these days! 4 baby daddies and chad makes 5 . Damn

    • Okay it’s like this … He was a the hospital… He should have signed the birth certificate if it’s his… If its not her broke ass will get wic no child support…

    • Yuck. It makes my skin crawl when I hear about shit like this. I met a guy who told me he had 5 baby mothers. I told him, “No thanks, i’ll pass. I’m not interested”. He had the nerve to get offended. WTF? I’m supposed to lower my standards and you get to raise your. Nah. Not me!

      • Say it again! I don’t want, will NOT accept ANY man in my life w/ minor child(ren). PERIOD! Licking and sticking ain’t THAT serious OR THAT good! I gotta keep & do it moving!

  8. Why are black women’s standards so low? Ciara, this broad? Doesn’t make sense to me. She should have learned from her mistakes by having children with nothing ass men who are not helping her take care of her child. Now she has another child that, MY Taxes, have to take care. Black women need to stop being baby mothers. Be a wife first. Or get your shit together and then have a child. Shit is ridiculous.

  9. Wasn’t Ciara’s baby a ‘business contract’?? I heard she was fronting just as much as Future was in the relationship.

  10. It just proves black men ain’t chit! you rather trick all your money off white wrinkly women, than black women.

    I bet when he gets popping, and starts making more money, he will be with a cave becky any minute from now.

    Black women you must do better, white women are getting lavished by these sellout negro! while black women ain’t getting nothing worth a damn
    notice anytime a black or brown celebrity goes broke, their white women will toss them aside like a piece of trash. But their not making no money
    so these so called sellout broke celebs will go back with their own race…..

    • You cannot say black men ain’t shit! What you say is a irresponsible m.f. ain’t shit! You can can find them in ANY race, so do yourself a favor, & DON’T generalize, because I KNOW men who cries, & are angry because they cannot see, or visit w/ their children! Trust & believe, you got it f*cked up!

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